The chronicle of Mariñas: María José Campanario returns to stay

The chronicle of Mariñas: María José Campanario returns to stay

The thing was animated and not by the proximity of Christmas. I remain faithful, loyal and addicted to the campaign on María José Campanario. I am sure that it will give us a lot of play and that’s why I sign up maybe hastily, or you have to think about it a lot.

María José – I apologize for the familiarity that I use without personally knowing the Campanario – is a new and unique case of outstanding personality. I hope I am not wrong and we are before a wonderful case, much higher than the national average.

I bet it will give a lot to talk about, even good. It is not like any other. It will be a point and apart that will impress us, I insist and repeat that I never spoke with her and I do not feel like it. I prefer to have characters like that at a distance.

Socially unknown, they became a fashionable couple. Something that happened to Mila Ximénez, then gorgeous and stylish, but socially almost unknown when she married Manolo Santana.

Together and also later separated, they marked an epoch, they became a fashionable couple and archetypes of the Marbellero summer. Manolo was close to Don Juan Carlos, whom he taught to play. Although he advertised tobacco brands, Manolo did not smoke and that made him laugh.

One night they had dinner with Felipe González, now president, they finished at midnight and the president called him the following afternoon thanking him. Manolo first had three children with María Fernanda and a girl from a flight attendant.

Then to Alba with Mila. He was a great father and he presumed to be one, as well as a liberal, open and funny man. Rest in peace.

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