A young man recounts his moments after suffering an accident | VIDEO: Sunday Al Dia

Last Sunday, February 26, the life of Brigitte Paissi (23) completely changed. She was going with her friends to the beach on a linear motorbike by the Brazil Avenue. However, he never imagined that a day that should have been fun would end in tragedy due to the recklessness of the driver. The 23-year-old was thrown several meters after a car turned around and collided with the smaller vehicle.

After a week of hospitalization, the young woman is released, but she suffers from multiple injuries. This situation left her bedridden, preventing her from achieving her goals; one of them to support his diploma thesis in the career of administration. Brigitte Paisig has decided to come out of her silence and count the seconds of the drama.

“The only thing I thought about when the impact was you see your life in a second and I thought that was the end of my life. Seeing me lying on the ground all bloody,” he said. -she says Sunday one day

“I thought it was the end of my life”: the shocking testimony of the victim who survived the accident on Avenida Brasil Photo: Domingo Al Día

Brigitte is a young lover of adventures, images and videos that record her joy in participating in each event. The last party he attended with his friends was the celebration of the Cajamarca Carnival in the first weeks of February.

“In desperation I tried to fall first with my body than with my head, that’s why my knee fell first, then my body fell, that’s why I have stitches stitches on my knee and on my head”, says the student.

However, the family is outraged after learning that the driver of the vehicle, Victor Sanchez Guevara, anyone turning on an unauthorized road had their license suspended. While the motorcyclist had not paid the SOAT.

“After the incident that my daughter saw, I leave, they tell me that this subject drove drunk and also had a suspended driver’s license,” said Iván Paisig, the victim’s father.

Brigitte cannot go to the toilet alone. Now she needs someone to help her move because of the injuries and pain that continue to afflict her.

The 23-year-old was going to defend her thesis at the end of March.  Photo: Sunday Daily
The 23-year-old was going to defend her thesis at the end of March. Photo: Sunday Daily

“Even to sleep, I have to wear the neck brace, because I can’t move well. The truth is quite uncomfortable, because I am calm and from time to time I have bumps. (…) they have to help me go to the toilet, I can’t eat anything soft, anything liquid,” he said.

The entire tragic accident was recorded by security cameras in the area and also by another motorcycle. The footage shows how the vehicle made a forbidden turn, causing the motorcycle to immediately hit the rear. In this way, the young woman flies away a few meters.

However, according to the aforementioned media, the motorcycle where Brigitte and a friend were on a prohibited route. Recklessness was on the part of both pilots that could end in greater consequence.

Objectives that are forced to be postponed due to the negligence of the two pilots. At the end of March, he would know when he would defend his thesis to obtain his diploma.

A young man in critical condition after being hit by a truck.  Photo: Juliana Style
A young man in critical condition after being hit by a truck. Photo: Juliana Style

According to information from Brigitte’s father, Víctor Sánchez Guevara was detained, but when he went to the Magdalena police station to check on the status of the complaint, he discovered that he had been released.

“I am surprised that the prosecution has already given him freedom and that is what makes me indignant as a father. Seeing her bedridden in a hospital and now seeing her badly damaged. (…) Today it can be with my daughter, tomorrow it can be with someone else”, demanded justice.

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