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The tragedy surrounded the district of San Juan de Lurigancho then that a mudslide was recorded in the Jicamarca region on the afternoon of Wednesday 15 March. ORFather and two-year-old son nearly died dragged by the force of water and mud, but fortunately both are alive.

Jose Luis Castillo, The miner’s father, who was rescued by a group of neighbors when he was swept away by a mudslide, is being treated at the San Juan de Lurigancho Hospital in Canto Grande, after being on the verge of losing his life due to the bad weather of nature.

“Thank God my intuition to keep fighting, I hung on to the last bar, with my son,” he told reporters before being admitted to surgery. He remembered that he was at home with his little boy when the huaico surprised them and dragged them away.

The father of the family said he was fighting to save the lives of the two, but due to the force and density of the mudslide, his son let go of his arms. “My son was released because he couldn’t take it anymore. Anyway, I climbed on the roof of a house thinking of my son,” he said.

Beaten, without strength, I thought of my wife. After a few minutes, tired of fighting, a neighbor says to me: your son is fine“, he argued and said that knowing that his son was alive motivated him to get up, despite the bruises he suffered.

Finally, he expressed his gratitude to the neighbors who rescued his grandson. “I owe them a lot.” he expressed shocked.

In latin news It was reported that the miner had some minor bruising, but did not sustain any serious damage. Dr. Becerra, director of the hospital, confirmed that a tomography had been carried out on him and that he had to remain under observation, so he had to spend the night in the hospital.

Rains in Lima: the dramatic rescue of a three-year-old boy who managed to get out of the huaico in Jicamarca
Rains in Lima: the dramatic rescue of a three-year-old boy who managed to get out of the huaico in Jicamarca

The intense rains that have been recorded in recent years, combined with the Cyclone Yakuis at the origin of the activation of flows in different sectors of Lima. 24 districts have been declared in a state of emergencya guarantee the protection of the population against the imminent danger of precipitation and mudslides.

However, the people of San Juan de Lurigancho were about to witness a tragedy. The two-year-old boy was swept away by the force of the mudslide that hit the Jicamarca region. In a heroic act, neighbors who were on the scene and noticed the child’s presence in the middle of the mud, they teamed up to save him and fortunately he was alive.

The miner, covered in mud, was wrapped up by neighbors and cleaned up and they called the Police to get information from his parents, because at that time the identity of the child was unknown and how he was swept away by the avalanche of water and mud.

The huaico was reported in the Annex 22 of the Jicamarca area beginning at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, March 15 and caused flooding in various areas of the neighborhood.

The child was rescued by residents of Jicamarca when he was dragged by the mudslide. N-channel

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