The Infanta Elena auctioned one of her jewels valued at more than 200,000 euros

The Infanta Elena auctioned one of her jewels valued at more than 200,000 euros

Once again, a piece identical to another one that we can find in the Spanish royal jeweler goes up for auction. Is the Royal Family shedding its jewels?

Once may be a coincidence. Two, coincidence? But this is already at least the fourth time in the last decade that a jewel identical to that of the Spanish Royal Family has gone up for auction. In this case, it is a bracelet from the signature Van Cleef & Arpels that could have a final value of more than 200,000 euros.

As reported by Vanitatis, the auction house Sotheby’s has put up this spectacular piece made of diamonds and rubies. The bracelet is known to have been seen on the wrist of the Infanta Elena in 2004 at the wedding of Frederick of Denmark and Mary Donaldson.

Many will remember that wedding for the spectacular coat signed by Christian Lacroix that Felipe VI’s older sister wore, at a time in her life when she was considered one of the most elegant women in the world.

That piece, a fuchsia version of a creation by the Arles designer from his spring-summer 2004 haute couture collection, is, together with the bullfighter dress made by Lorenzo Caprile, possibly two of his best outfits and one of the most remembered.The Intanta Elena and Jaime de Marichalar, at the wedding of Federico de Denmark and Mary Donaldson

The Intanta Elena and Jaime de Marichalar, at the wedding of Federico de Denmark and Mary Donaldson.

Like jewels that day, in addition to the bracelet, The Duchess of Lugo also wore the tiara that she received from the Marichalar family and that it is still debated whether it still belongs to her or would have returned to the family, and a necklace in the form of a bow with diamonds and rubies.

An identical one was auctioned for 280,000 euros online by the Setdart house a few years ago, so perhaps the Infanta no longer keeps (except for the earrings) any of the jewels that adorned that look.

If we stop for a moment to make calculations, and if the expectations of Sotheby’s are fulfilled, of being of royal origin all these jewels that have been put up for sale, the Spanish royal family could have brought in an interesting amount of money in recent years.

Let’s do the math: 200,000 euros (pulling low) for this bracelet; 280,000 for the Elena de Borbón necklace and 63,000 euros for the identical Mouawad necklace that was auctioned a few weeks ago (and that we gave the scoop) add up to 543,000 euros, to which we could also add the more than 70,000 euros for the Cartier de Cartier bracelet.

Queen Letizia or the 30,000 of the Sterle brooch that in the end did not sell. All this gives us more than 600,000 euros, a figure that could have entered the accounts of the Spanish Bourbons and for only a part of their jewelry collection.

It remains to be seen if these coincidences occur again in the coming months, since the Queen Sofía has a wide collection of jewels quite unknown to the common Spaniards, forgotten in part because the emerita has opted in recent years for discretion, although it must be remembered that, linking with the bracelet, it also has the famous set of Niarchos rubies.

This Van Cleef & Arpels creation is not a pass jewel and its auction price would possibly exceed the total of previous jewels. Will we ever see it with the “for sale” sign?

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