Ana de Armas stopped the presenter to mention that she didn’t understand her comment (Reuters/screenshot)

Ana de Armas She had an awkward moment on the 2023 Oscars carpet that went viral as a reporter mentioned she slept on a fellow actor’s chair, which visibly annoyed her.

As the Cuban circled the mat, speaking to the media about her nomination for Best Actress for his performance in Blondcame on camera DTTwhere was the reporter Axel Kuschevatzky.

Speaking about Ana’s achievements, the Argentinian mentioned that the actress slept on alex pettyfer’s couch. This comment intrigued the protagonist of Blade Runner 2049who looked at the ground while continuing to listen to him.

It took the Cuban a few minutes to realize that the presenter's comment wasn't literal, so she corrected it (Screenshot)
It took the Cuban a few minutes to realize that the presenter’s comment wasn’t literal, so she corrected it (Screenshot)

When he finally reacted, he frowned and asked who he was talking about, to which the presenter repeated “My friend, Alex Pettyfer”. Ana mentioned that she didn’t know the actor, to which Kuschevatzky wanted to change his words and said, “No, no, I mean the people who helped you.”

The actress, annoyed, said to him: “I haven’t lived in anyone’s chair”.

Axel Kuschevatzky again tried to get out of the awkward moment, saying, “No, no, no.” To which the histrionics replied, “Ah, okay.”

From this comment, the protagonist of Aguas profundas no longer smiled at the presenter and, even, Lety Sahagunwho accompanied Kuschevatzky showed that he did not understand the situation.

Ending the interview, the driver told her it was a reward she deserved after so much time in the industry, to which Ana replied, “There’s been a lot of years of hard work and a lot of effort and sacrifice and leaving people behind and taking risks, but I believe those are the fruits”.

Ana de Armas has also been criticized for allegedly taking "to the chest" the commentary (Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP)
Ana de Armas was also criticized for allegedly taking the comment “to heart” (Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP)

Audiences who witnessed the interaction shared on Twitter that they were also puzzled, as they did not understand the purpose for which the reporter made the comment.

“What was the purpose of that? What did she mean?“, “He wanted to be funny and it didn’t work for him”, “I’m the other journalist who doesn’t understand anything”, “totally out of place“, “His face. How uncomfortable,” some netizens wrote.

Some also pointed out that reporters might have made the comment about the chair since she, in an interview with voguementioned that on one occasion she had to sleep on a friend’s couch because her early earnings were very low.

The actress ended the interview trying to smile, but looking uncomfortable (REUTERS/Aude Guerrucci)
The actress ended the interview trying to smile, but looking uncomfortable (REUTERS/Aude Guerrucci)

However, others replied that what would have annoyed Ana is that they had spoken to her about an actor, that they had spoken about their way of Hollywood and that, moreover, it was understood as if “sleeping on the sofa” had a sexual connotation.

Other users who participated in the debate were: “We can all make mistakes”, “I thought it was disrespectful”, “I loved how Ana de Armas put a stop to this and was not intimidated”.

Even memes began to emerge on the subject, as the Cuban woman’s face before the reporter’s comment was what alerted her that she was upset and bewildered.


The interview that netizens brought up is from 2020, when he talked about the first times he traveled to Madrid, in search of his name to develop further in the film industry.

“I took what little I had and came to Madrid with that money, but I didn’t calculate correctly what my savings were worth here. A few charitable canapes have been my salvation,” the histrionic said at the time. However, it should be mentioned that the protagonist of Knives out She did not speak in particular of a colleague, but of friends she had in Spain.

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