Natalia Otero has accused Laura Huarcayo of having expelled her from “Bienvenida la Tarde”. (Instarandule)

Strong confession! Natalia Otero left more than one surprised by revealing a terrible experience with Laura Huarcayo, when they were both in the deceased persons program “Welcome Afternoon”. The popular Payasita He used his social networks to tell the complicated situation he experienced with the blond driver more than 7 years ago.

As you remember, the former member of “Parchís” arrived in our country in mid-2012. She rose to popularity and was called to be part of the reality show Latina in 2014. Due to her physical prowess, she established herself as one of the top contestants. In addition, he caused controversy by facing various entertainment personalities such as Melissa Paredes, Daniela Cillioniz, Rosángela Espinoza, among other members.

However, few imagined that among Natalia Otero there Laura Huarcayo there was a quarrel. Through stories on her official Instagram account, the former reality TV star said she had a good relationship with the presenter when she first met her, but that all changed due to a misunderstanding. and she assured that Huarcayo made sure she was fired.

“I miss my other life like her. At that time, Laura Huarcayo loved me and defended me, then she threw me away like a dog, but in that moment she loved me. Then things fell apart. passed and she didn’t love me anymore,” she can be heard saying in the video, which was also shared by the “Instarándula” portal.

He also pointed out that the problem he had with Laura Huarcayo It left her emotionally damaged and it took her a long time to recover, as she loved him very much. “For years I continued to suffer because he no longer loved me and I cried, suffered and dreamed for Laura Huarcayo because I loved her and there was a misunderstanding and she did not love me more. He clearly removed me from the show. ”.

Finally, he stressed that he still values ​​her, despite the differences that have broken their friendship. “I was traumatized for several years, recently I dreamed of Laura Huarcayo. But I love her, I still love her,” he concluded.

Natalia Otero and her strong confession about Laura Huarcayo.  (Capture)
Natalia Otero and her strong confession about Laura Huarcayo. (Capture)

It should be mentioned that, “Welcome to Trade” It ended in 2015 after 5 seasons and one of the big absentees at the farewell was Natalia Otero, despite winning the affection of the public. Subsequently, the Argentinian continued to appear on television as a commentator and journalist in show spaces. Currently, we are far from the small screen.

In January 2021, Laura Huarcayo, ‘Niño Alfredito’ and ‘La Carlota’ found themselves on the set of ‘Because today is Saturday with Andrés’. There they recalled a few passages from the program and the former host confessed what would have been the reason for the end of this space.

Alfredo indicated that there had been a “story witch”, who was supposed to be the person who did not want his program to continue to air, but Laura preferred to clarify it. “I can tell the truth, there was no witch in the story. I worked a noon schedule, left at two o’clock in the afternoon and spent time with my son,” he said.

After that, she explained all that she went through with the show’s schedule changes which started from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and ended from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., which forced her to be away from her children. It was for this reason that he decided to prioritize and submitted what his resignation would be.

“It was a project that varied a lot in the schedules, we were doing quite well. These were five good years, but they were also years when my daughter spent year after year, until she was ten, at the home waiting for me to pick her up from school. So I said I wanted to retire, I wanted to spend time with my family,” he said.

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