Sergio Ramírez, writer whose Nicaraguan nationality was withdrawn by the regime of Daniel Ortega. (AP)

The Chancellor cafe santiago assured today that the government is prepared to grant citizenship to writers exiled by the regime of Daniel Ortega In Nicaragua. “If Sergio Ramírez asks for Argentine citizenship, we will give it to him“, affirmed the person in charge in a radio interview in connection with the situation of the Nicaraguan intellectual.

“Of course, there is the possibility of giving him Argentinian nationality to all those who suffer from what is happening in Nicaragua“, added Cafiero in dialogue with Radio con vos.

Likewise, the Argentine official was clear on the steps to be taken to grant citizenship to Ramírez. “The process is personal. Argentina is able to give you citizenship, but they should require it. The applicant must start the process, which is done in a very simple way at the Argentine Embassy,” he assured.

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And he added: “What Argentina can do is work to grant citizenship to applicants. If Sergio Ramírez asks for Argentine nationality, we will give it to him”.

Santiago Cafiero, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship of the Argentine Republic
Santiago Cafiero, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship of the Argentine Republic

However, Santiago Cafiero was not surprised by the case, as he said that together with Alberto Fernández they are following this situation. “That case We discussed it with the president -Alberto Fernández- when we saw the events. This has been happening in Nicaragua for some time, and Argentina has stressed the need for Nicaragua to respect human rights again and we have formed a commission to investigate the violation of human rights in Nicaragua “, did he declare.

In his statements, the Minister referred to the announcement made by Russian President Vladimir Putin on the suspension of your country’s compliance with START III or New STARTthe last nuclear disarmament treaty still in force between Russia and the United States. “We follow these developments with great concern. Argentina has a tradition of participating in all forums related to disarmament. Perhaps the cornerstone of disarmament is nuclear non-proliferation treaty”.

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In foreign policy, Argentina calls again for de-escalation. It only destroys, it builds nothing. We need a ceasefire, as the president has called for, where the main thing is that this policy of escalation stops, that the Stopping the Russian invasion of UkraineCafiero said.

And he concluded on the subject:With great humility from Argentina and Latin America, we have proposed tables for dialogue and negotiation, where progress can be made to achieve peace immediately. Peace must first be achieved, then the time will come for negotiations.

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