Three days after the legislative elections, Emmanuel Macron spoke to the French on Wednesday evening during an eight-minute televised address. The Head of State recognized “the fractures” shown by this ballot. “We must learn to govern differently,” he explained. In reality, the President of the Republic disclaims all responsibility. His new method is in a way the end of the Jupiterian presidency, at least in appearance.

Without a short-term solution, the Head of State very clearly returns the ball to the opposition parties. “It’s up to the political groups to say in complete transparency how far they are ready to go”, he explains when Emmanuel Macron had just received the representatives of the political forces sitting in the new National Assembly.

How Macron is pushing to the point of no return

While it is up to the government to make proposals, Emmanuel Macron reverses the roles to better push to the point of no return. This is the strategy of “rotting” dear to some of his advisers, as if for him it was a question of gaining time and calling the French as witnesses, the witnesses of a deadlock situation which cannot last forever.

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