Three of the 130 passengers and 10 crew members who were traveling on board the plane from Dominican Republic that caught fire this Tuesday during its rough landing in the Miami International Airport (MIA), they were hospitalized, fire officials said.

After putting out the flames and controlling the fuel spill, medical personnel checked the health status of the passengers on the plane of the Dominican airline Red Air and only three had to be taken to nearby hospitals, the Miami-Dade County Fire Department said.

Local media collect this Wednesday that it is in the three cases of minor injuries.

The plane, a McDonnell Douglas MD-82, of the Red Air airline took off from Punta Caucedo (Dominican Republic) bound for Miami, where he suffered “technical difficulties after landing,” the airline explained in a statement.

The US federal agency in charge of investigating transportation accidents, NTSB, indicated that this Wednesday a team of experts will arrive in Miami to analyze what happened.

Red Air, which began operations in November 2021, indicated that personnel from the Dominican Institute of Civil Aeronautics, together with local authorities in Miami, have already initiated investigations to determine the circumstances of the accident in which his aircraft was involved.

According to passenger statements to local media, the plane’s landing gear broke and the aircraft skidded off the runway, breaking out a fire in the cabin, which generated scenes of panic inside.

“I feel alive again. I thought I was going to die,” Paola García told the Local10 channel, explaining that the plane began to move from one side to the other and saw how several windows were broken.

In a video published on social networks, you can see how the passengers evacuate the aircraft in an emergency, from whose rear a thick column of black smoke comes out, which was extinguished by the two dozen fire units dispatched to the scene of the event.

The Miami airport itself explained that the fire apparently broke out after the landing gear of the Red Air plane appeared in the nose of the aircraft.

Although on Tuesday afternoon there were delays due to this accident, this Wednesday the activity at the aerodrome returned to normal, according to the specialized website FlightAware.

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