Vaccine Theft in Zaragoza

Vaccine Theft in Zaragoza

The National Police investigates the theft of vaccines against the coronavirus. The events occurred in Zaragoza, at the Universitas health center, located at number 42 of Andres Vicente street, according to our sources.

The police sources consulted by the newspaper affirm that the robbery would have occurred at dawn from Thursday to Friday of this week. The theft, according to this information, was of a vial of Pfizer’s COVID solution, from which up to six doses can be drawn.

The Government Delegation in Aragon confirmed that the theft has already been reported and the National Police is already investigating what happened, according Herald. The health coordinator of the area would have been the person who gave the alert.

Relationship with the health center

According to the Police, the Pfizer vial was inside the health center at the time of the robbery, thus ruling out that the abduction occurred during the relocation of one of the distribution centers.

Furthermore, the first hypotheses indicate that the author, or authors, could have some relationship with the health center, since the vial had arrived there just a few hours before the theft, thus knowing what they would find inside the cold stores.

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