iPhone 13 in Spain: colors, price and date of sale in stores

iPhone 13 in Spain: colors, price and date of sale in stores

Apple released yesterday the iPhone 13, that very soon will be at sale in stores in Spain. The new mobile phone has a design similar than its predecessor, the iPhone 12, and with a procesador A15 Bionic inside. The main novelties of the new device focus mainly on the Photo camera.


The standard version of the iPhone 13 has a camera with 12 megapixel lens and 1.6 aperture, and another 12 megapixel ultra-wide angle lens with a 2.4 aperture, as well as a 120-degree field of view and improved motion stabilization technology.

In the specific case of the two high-end versions, the 13 Pro and the 13 Pro Max, a third lens (a telephoto lens) as happened in the case of the iPhone 12, and the screen can reproduce at a frequency of 120 Hz.

DesignRegarding the design, the most relevant novelty is that the famous “notch” (the black space at the top of the screen where the headset and front camera are located) it has been reduced significantly, that is, a 20% according to Apple.


Regarding the screen, has gained in brilliance with the Super Retina XDR technology and the camera can capture up to 47% more light in low-light conditions.

Processor and battery

All models of the new phone have a chip A15 Bionic self-made and the battery life has been increased, which now has an autonomy of between 1.5 and 2.5 hours more (depending on the version) than on the iPhone 12.

Kinematic mode

Another novelty is the kinematic mode for video recording, which allows switch focus automatically or manually from one subject in the foreground to another in the second and vice versa, depending on how the action unfolds, which creates an effect similar to that of the movies.


The iPhone 13 has different storage modes, depending on the model. The lowest is 128GB available in all four models. However, the high-end, that is, the models 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max, can store up to 1 terabyte of space. This is a remarkable novelty, given that this storage capacity was reserved to date only for iPads.

How much will the new iPhone 13 cost?

The iPhone 13, the standard model that gives its name to the new family of Apple smartphones, will be available in three capacity configurations: 128GB, 256GB and 512GB, which will be priced at: 909 euros, 1.029 euros and 1.259 euros respectively.

The same capacity options can also be found in iPhone 13 mini, the little brother of this series, with the following prices: 128GB for 809 euros, 256GB per 929 euros and 512GB for 1.159 euros.

Within the more advanced models, the capacity options expand to find the 1TB option. A) Yes, iPhone 13 Pro part of 1.159 euros (128GB), but it is available for 1.279 euros (256GB), 1.509 euros (512GB) and 1.739 euros (1TB).

The most advanced member, iPhone 13 Pro Max presents the following prices and capacities: 1.259 euros (128GB), 1.379 euros (256GB), 1.609 euros (512GB) and 1.839 euros (1TB).

What color will the iPhone 13 be available in?

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini will be available in the colors black, white, red, blue and pink, while the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max will be available in black, gold, silver and light blue.

When will the iPhone 13 be on sale in Spain?

Fans of Apple products are in luck. The four devices can be purchased in stores in Spain next 24th September and can be reserved from this Friday, September, 17th.

Rachel Maga
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