A court of Spain sentenced the hotel businessman César Román, known as “the king of the cachopo”, to fifteen years in prison for the murder of his Honduran ex-girlfriend Heidi Paz in 2018, aggravated by kinship and gender.

However, the Madrid Court does not condemn him for the crime of desecration of a corpse, since it assures that he dismembered his corpse with the sole purpose of avoiding being discovered.

The sentence, known this Tuesday, abides by the verdict issued on June 1 by the popular jury that tried him and unanimously found him guilty of killing the woman and dismembering her after not accepting that she wanted to end the sentimental relationship they had.

The Prosecutor’s Office requested 15 years and 5 months in prison for murder and desecration of a corpse, while the private prosecution requested 28 years and 5 months in prison for murder, desecration of a corpse and mistreatment.

The penalty imposed is the maximum for this crime for “the reproach that the defendant’s conduct deserves” when killing a young woman with two minor children and taking into account that she dismembered the body, without the head or limbs having yet appeared.

Cesar Roman, in addition to dismembering the body, he sprayed it with caustic soda and sectioned the breasts to destroy prostheses that would have previously identified the victim, in addition to removing a piece of skin from the area of ​​the cesarean section for the same reason.

However, their conduct is taken into account when determining the penalty and civil liability. He is also sentenced to 15 years of probation when he is released from prison, as well as to compensate the children of Heidi with 142,229 euros (169,000 dollars) to each and his mother with 100,000 (119,000 dollars).

The body of the victim was found on August 13, 2018, torn to pieces inside a suitcase in an industrial building in Madrid that it had suffered a partial fire; her remains were identified by matching his DNA with that of her mother.

Romanian was arrested in November of that year in the city of Zaragoza (northeast), where he worked in a restaurant under a false identity.

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