To the Minister of Tourism, Reyes MarotoIt occurred to him to say when La Palma, the volcano had just been released, that it was a wonderful spectacle of nature called to become one more tourist attraction of the island, thus adding it to the route of the famous volcanoes: Etna, Vesuvius , Stromboli …

Where others saw devastating tongues of fire, she saw the remains of Pompeii, today visited by millions of tourists. All the offended threw themselves at his neck and even said that he had ruined the quick trip of his president to La Palma, dressed as an NGO hero, those that dislike so much. Perez Reverte.

Perhaps the minister had heard the voice of the psychologist Marisa navarro that spoke of “the step and dance of fire as an expression of the interior of Mother Earth that roars in all its splendor and hypnotizes, to the point of trapping people who have not been able to escape its influence.” And he added: “No catastrophe has as much fascination as volcanoes.” There she was, fascinated and hypnotized, yes, Reyes Maroto, as if she were still trapped in the reading of “Under the volcano”, contemplating with the consul’s drunken eyes.

Georffrey Mexican paradise and hell, but also very awake in its innovative eagerness for national tourism, especially when it comes to the exhaustion of the sun and beach model. It is true that the route of the volcanoes has already been invented, like disaster tourism (Chernobyl, Fukushima, Katrina …), but neither can she be asked to know everything, no matter how ministerial. In addition, all these routes can be expanded and improved, of course. To the list of horror tourism, or “dark tourism” as they now call it, which includes places such as the London streets of Jack the Ripper or Count Dracula’s castle, the minister could add the Palace of the Song of the Peak, where they say that the ghost of Franco hunting reds still lives; the Ministry of Equality, in which the Curve Girl appears biting the machistas, and the Moncloa palace, whose sewers are the recurring nightmare of Pablo Iglesias and in which a spectrum very similar to Ivan Redondo dressed as a brother of Idiazábal cheese.

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