A Company reinvents itself by selling Masks from 6 Cents

A Company reinvents itself by selling Masks from 6 cents

Since last May, Spain has incorporated a new accessory to its outfits before hitting the streets.

Masks are something we have already learned to live with, being part of our clothing daily and what makes us feel unprotected in case of not stopping it when leaving home.

However, although the population is already well aware of its requirement to stop the increase in infections, many still do not meet the limited hours of use.

Much emphasis has been placed on the importance of changing them each time they are used. Disposable masks do not last longer than four hours, but also its price since the mandatory use was implemented for all of Spain.

It has brought several controversies for those who cannot afford to spend so much money on this medical material in the midst of a pandemic. Since last spring the price per unit has been lowered, although to many it still seems a price well above what they really should set.

600 masks at 36 euros

In recent months, a great variety of masks have appeared, including the Sevillian company Termik, who has opted to buy masks pto sell them at a much cheaper price, already thinking of those families that cannot afford so many expenses.

The price per unit of a surgical mask has been established at 6 cents, a three-layer, disposable type I hygienic mask, highly effective against the virus. This price can be found in the purchase of 12 packages of 600 units, which would correspond to about 36 euros.

But there are also other alternatives with less quantities. On their website they establish that the minimum order is 100 units, therefore, With the purchase of two boxes of 50 units at 3.50 euros each, you can get a hundred masks for seven euros.

They also sell FFP2 masks, one of its most competitive products -they account for 75% of the company’s sales-, at a price of 40 cents in case of 96 packages of 480 units -.

“In the end the price is important”, points from the company Juan Jose Laguna to Informativos Telecinco, who assures that their masks are as good as any that can be bought in pharmacies or supermarkets.

They have the European certificate and ‘their secret’ is to apply “very little margin (of benefits)”, ensures your responsible.

The company was going bankrupt

The truth is that this production and sale of masks saved the Sevillian company from bankruptcy that, before the arrival of the coronavirus, was dedicated to the wedding sector.

“We put the fair margin to save our company, not having to fire our staff and hold on until all this happens “, points out Laguna. Termik was born after the pandemic with the aim of “saving our company and to do our bit to help this problem be solved ”.

“We are a company that before the entire pandemic was dedicated to the sale of wedding products. We call them the manolitos.

We sold it as a heel protector that was used on the heels of the girls and the brides gave it to the guests so that the heel did not sink into the grass at outdoor weddings. We were about to close the company, lay off the staff “, regrets, due to the cancellation of many weddings due to the coronavirus.

However, luckily, The import of non-contact thermometers helped them overcome the situation, incorporating the masks shortly after to their offer. “In the autumn we started negotiating with factories to buy large quantities of masks.

We saw that the prices we were getting were very good ”, he explains, although he acknowledges that they will make their manolitos again as soon as the situation improves.

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