Sampaoli, 63, still vehement on the substitute bench (REUTERS / Isabel Infantes)

“We have to be much more courageous, not to wait so long,” said Iván Rakitic. “They give us the tools to release the games and you can see we don’t understand them or I don’t know. It already exceeds all limits, ”criticized Marcos Acuña. “We played in anarchy so we will depend on luck,” said goalkeeper Bono.

Sevilla is going through a deep crisis, positioned two points from the relegation zone. And all questions, including those of the footballers, fall on coach Jorge Sampaoli. As reported Relief, the club decided to fire the Argentine due to the swinging performances and internal issues. Although the Andalusian side are in the quarter-finals of the Europa League (they will face Manchester United) and have regained strength at home, the points they have steadily given up as visitors put them in a desperate situation with regard to its permanence. in the category.

The Spanish press assures that the institution has already informed the former coach of the Chilean and Argentine national teams of the determination: only the terms of the dismissal and compensation remain to be settled. AND Jose Luis Mendilibarspecialist in the battle not to be relegated, would be his replacement and even train the first team in the next few hours.

Meanwhile, journalists familiar with the private life of Nervión’s team gave details of the friction between the players and the coach, who had previous experience of management at the club in 2016-2017. “The nonsense was to bring in a coach like Sampaoli who you already know and in good times he left an absolutely divided dressing room. I always thought that in the context in which I was in Seville, there was no place for Sampaoli. When you have a coach who watches him, second him for him and then with him, he punishes you,” said journalist Alonso Rivero of 101 TV Seville.

“Rakitic’s statements make you think, Bono is even more so. In a locker room, the footballers reign and they always end up winning. The players can’t stand Sampaoli”, revealed Gonzalo de la Haza in Minute 91 Seville. “The solution was to remove Sampaoli. In public, many players got wet, ”added Juan Manuel Lorente, in the same broadcast. “He’s going to leave and we still don’t know what Sampaoli is playing,” he insisted. The same media opened a poll on Twitter in which it offered fans to give their opinion if DT “made a bed”. 68% understood this to be so.

* The episode of the paper that broke Acuña

Beyond the differences reached the microphones, others have remained confidential or have manifested themselves in gestures and attitudes. The fact that in several games he chose to play without a striker is one of the dissenting elements that stands out in Europe. Another fact has gone viral in various matches: the famous “extra large note” that the technical staff handed players with instructions in the middle of matches. Many times it ended up confusing players, who spent several seconds trying to decode it in front of TV cameras.

The most extreme moment happened at the end of February, during the 2-3 defeat against Osasuna: in full nervousness, Nemanja Gudelj appeared on the field with the annotations. he placed them near Oliver Torres, but they spent several seconds trying to figure out what they were saying, as the timer continued to tick. The one who got upset was Acuña, who snatched the paper from his teammates, crumpled it into a ball and threw it angrily onto the grass. Just a symptom of a story that is about to end.

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