Sergio Galliani decided to speak through his account instagram noting that the video of his fall had gone viral. The actor not only showed off his injury to make it clear it was nothing serious, but also asked the public not to continue alarming his family and friends, who called him worried about his health.

As you remember, a video about the popular Nachito from “Down there is room” it went viral. Here you can see Sergio Galliani present a concert with his band Shabelos, great was his adrenaline that he did not hesitate to throw himself towards the public. However, the response was not what he expected, the artist was not caught and he fell to the ground.

“Today I woke up on Monday and saw a number of whatsapp and messages from friends asking me on the phone. I don’t know what happened, they went viral about the fall I had at the concert on Saturday. Yes, I fell and I got up and I continued to sing. We ended the concert as it should have been, it was not serious at all, it It was a small wound. Besides, I’ll show you what I have, here it is (shows his arm). A patch, a small wound and nothing more. I appreciate people’s concern, but I think that it’s more than anything about the viralization of a piece of news. The anecdote makes the news. They worry people about cigars, my relatives too,” he said.

At another point, he stressed that he was fine and that he would continue with his presentations, but with more caution.

“May the Rock N’ Roll go on, with more caution, yes, but that’s part of the show, we’re still strong and eager to keep rocking and playing. Other concerts are coming”, concluded the artist, who minimized what happened with these statements.

Sergio Galliani spoke after launching into the audience.  instagram
Sergio Galliani spoke after launching into the audience. instagram

Actor and band member Shabelos was the protagonist of an incident on Saturday March 18 during a concert. The artist decided to imitate the old rock singers and jumped into the audience, thinking that they would catch up with him. However, this did not happen.

Sergio Galliani it fell to the ground and fans had to pick it up. When he arrived on set, the production handed him the microphone and took him on stage to continue the show.

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