“Willie”, the rescued dog who helps rehabilitate orphaned deer

“Willie”, the rescued dog who helps rehabilitate orphaned deer

“Willie” after being a rescue pup himself, helps orphaned baby deer, skunks and raccoons recover from cold, hunger and injury.

The story of the dog Willie begins the day he showed up at the door of a house in Talco, Texas, and after being seen by the owners of the house, he let his affections run wild.

“From the moment I saw him, I knew he was a diamond in the rough! My husband thought he was ugly and wanted to take him to the animal control center but I refused and called him Willie for Willie Nelson”, comments the owner of the dog. In this way, Willie succeeded join a family.

For two years, the family has rehabilitated their house in rehabilitation center for orphaned deer and Willie didn’t hesitate to offer resilience to the refugees from the first moment, since he lies next to them, licks them, cleans them and puts them to sleep; even when they leave the rehab compound, he continues to visit them.

“This particular deer is one of the youngest, only a few days old,” commented the enclosure animators after capturing the closeness of the two on video.

“Willie spent a whole week with him and since then the two of them have a special tie”, moreover, it seems that he not only supports orphaned deer, but also adores baby raccoons and skunks.

With information from Reuters.

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