AMLO will march to the Zócalo (Andrés Manuel López Obrador and the Government of Mexico)

The President of the Chamber of Deputies, Santiago Creel Miranda, attacked the president Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) for having used March 18, Oil Expropriation Day, to perform acts for the benefit of their government.

It was at a press conference in the Lower House that the aspirant also to the presidential candidacy regretted the position of the federal president to appropriate a day “which belongs to us all and all Mexicans”contrary to what Andrés Manuel considers, who will use the date to celebrate “a political group” who is in favor of his government.

« Expropriate oil expropriation for the president, it is an offense to all Mexicans, which is a source of pride for us on March 18,” Santiago Creel pointed out in his accusations.

And it is that for the deputy of the National Action Party (PAN), this commemorative day is a date that must be considered as sunity symbol and not divisive, contrary to what the head of the federal executive would be supposed to do by calling for demonstrations in his favor.

AMLO invited fellow party members to march (Twitter/@MauVila)
AMLO invited fellow party members to march (Twitter/@MauVila)

In this sense, Santiago Creel indicated that March 18 was considered an official event, which should be celebrated by the Mexican State as a commemorative date and not propaganda. This is how he remembered past governments, which organized great parties.

“The custom was that these were official events. Sometimes they were even made on oil platforms, others in Ciudad Madero, in Veracruz, in places where there are oil wells. In the same Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX))”, explained the blue and white MP.

But Santiago Creel’s annoyance did not stop there, as he pointed out that President Andrés Manuel will never be remembered as the “great” president he wants to be, but rather as the one who ” expropriated” on March 18, let alone be. able to compare himself to the former president. Lazaro Cardenas.

For his part, the Federal President invited the public to join the march that will take place in the Mexico City, to publicize the achievements of his government, better known as the face makeover or 4T. The mobilization was called by Andrés Manuel on January 25, in his daily conference, where he recalled the demonstration of the past November 27.

Photo: Darkroom
Photo: Darkroom

According to the organizers, in addition to governors, heads of government and others, they indicated that alongside the march organized at CDMX, other demonstrations will take place in different cities, in demonstration of support President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

On the other hand, the route that will be followed in the capital of the country will be carried out starting from Angel of Independence in the direction of the Plaza de la Constitución (Basement) which will leave from 9 a.m., participants have therefore been asked to take the necessary precautions to reach the area.

It should be noted that this call became relevant after the mobilizations promoted by the opposition, which took place on February 26, with the aim of defending the National Electoral Institute (INE) before the recent reforms of President Andrés Manuel, better known like plan B.

This event, known as “pink march”This is the second mobilization that has been carried out for this reason. However, the federal president stressed that the conveners, the majority on the “conservative side”, only sought to defend their “privileges”, since the reform aims to “disappear” the golden elite who make up the electoral body and more.

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