The Russian ambassador in PolandSergey Andreev, was attacked this Monday in Warsaw when a group of people threw red paint at him.

Before the incident, Andreev carried out a floral tribute at the cemetery-mausoleum of Soviet soldiers in Warsaw on the occasion of the Russian national holiday of victory day.

Although the embassy of Russia announced in the morning that he was renouncing any public act outside his compound, according to the recommendations of the Polish Foreign Ministry and the mayor of the city, the ambassador and a small entourage decided to go to the cemetery.

A group of people was gathered there, some of them with Ukrainian flags, and when identifying Andreev, a group separated from the rest to consummate their aggression. The demonstrators shouted “fascist” and “murderer” at him.

The ambassador, completely covered in the red paint thrown at him, shouted to the crowd that he was “proud” of his president, Vladimir Putin, and after saying that “those territories do not belong to Ukraine” (referring to the Donetsk and Lugansk), managed to make his way to the waiting car.

The Soviet Soldiers Cemetery-Mausoleum occupies 19 hectares of Warsaw and was established shortly after the end of World War II to house the remains of more than 20,000 Red Army soldiers killed between 1944 and 1945.

Since the war in Ukraine began, anti-Russian sentiment has been exacerbated in Poland, a country that remained in Moscow’s orbit from 1945 to 1989.

In front of the diplomatic representations of Warsaw and Krakow, where there is a Russian consulate, graffiti against the invasion of Ukraine, banners and posters against a caricatured Vladimir Putin or directly characterized as Hitler are multiplying.

Recently, the Warsaw city council has presented an artistic installation that authorizes a group of artists to paint 60 meters of sidewalk -including those located in front of the Russian embassy- with murals.

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