Know step by step what is the status of your procedure in the Reniec.

Attend the National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (Reniec) It’s something we will all do at some point in our lives. At this place our parents ask us for our ID for the first time, but also, along the way, we can update the photo, switch from DAYS yellow to blue, and now also request the electronic DNI (DNIe).

On the other hand, we can also change our marital status in another stage of our life or change the signature. Even now there is the option to change your name if you don’t like them (when you are of legal age) and even choose the mother’s surname as your first if you wish. In all these procedures, there is an approximate delivery and change date, but how do you know in what situation the procedure is? We detail it in the following note.

Due to the distance, it can be tedious to attend the Reniec just ask a question. In addition, sometimes making a call can take time and we can waste several minutes. Once the procedure you are doing at that time is completed, several times they inform you of the approximate days in which it can be ready (10, 15, 30 days). However, it is very difficult for them to give you an exact date.

To avoid intrigues and wasted hours, Reniec has the online consultations option activated and we will show you step by step so that you enter the platform and know the status of your procedure.

Step by step

1. Enter the following link.

2. Dale clicks go to service oh Check process status (both take you to the same place).

3. There you will see two options. Locate the one who says Check the National Identity Document – DNI and click on it.

4. It will ask you to enter the 8 digit ID. Then click on “Consult” and you will know if your procedure is ready.

Check the status of your procedure online.
Check the status of your procedure online.

In this case, the page tells you in percentage at which stage of the process it is. Only if it is 100% will you be able to pick it up where you requested it. Remember that if you did it virtually, you will not be able to change the pick-up location. If you did it in person, you can do it by paying 5 soles extra.

– Authenticate or certify an act or certificate of birth, marriage or death.

– Change the place of delivery of the DNI.

– Exchange electoral book for DNI.

– Check the status of your procedure for the issuance of your identity document.

– Consult the identity of a person.

– Consult rejected procedures in consulates.

– See your best fingerprints.

If you're 17, you can already apply, but you won't be able to vote until you turn 18.
If you’re 17, you can already apply, but you won’t be able to vote until you turn 18.

– Duplicate the electronic DNI (DNIe).

– Obtain an identity document for people without papers.

– Obtain online service consultations via a dedicated line.

– Peru ID Authentication Platform.

– Rectify identification data.

– Access to the parts table.

– Check process status.

– Obtain a birth certificate.

– Obtain a birth certificate online.

– Request access to Reniec’s public information.

– Blue DNI or DNIe renewal for people over 17 years old.

– Renew DNI for minors.

– Renew the digital signature certificate for a natural person.

– Application for registration certificate (C4).

– Request a negative birth, marriage and death registration certificate from Reniec.

– Request a certified true copy of the minutes or the article from Reniec.

– Authorization request.

– Challenge request for identity data.

– Request the voter registration certificate (C5).

– Request access to the identity verification service for people at Reniec.

– Request certification of equal names.

– Request proof of historical information in the Reniec.

– Request copies of archived registration documents.

The yellow DNI is the document used by minors up to 17 years old.
The yellow DNI is the document used by minors up to 17 years old.

– Request reimbursement of the payment from Reniec.

– Request a duplicate of the blue DNI, the DNIe and the DNI of minors under 17 years of age.

– Request a reading of Reniec’s archived registration documents.

– Validate copies of certified minutes in RENIEC.

– Check massive records with Reniec database.

If you wish to change the place of delivery of the DNI in a RENIEC service center other than the one where you started the process, you can do so without inconvenience, provided you have carried out the rectification, duplication, issue or renewal in person. If you perform a procedure virtually, you will not be able to do it. In addition, this order extends the delivery date by 10 to 15 days.

1. Make payment

Pay S/5.00 with tax code 02143 to have the right to change the place of collection of the DNI. You can pay at Banco de la Nación; BN Agent or on Also with Banco de Crédito del Perú (subject to a bank commission) and on

Electronic DNI is also known as DNIe.
Electronic DNI is also known as DNIe.

2 Go to a RENIEC service center

– Request the application form in the form of an affidavit to make the change of pick-up location from the representative who assists you. Fill it in and give it to him along with the proof of payment.

– You can also schedule the change of delivery location of the DNI when starting the process in the office.

3 Collect your ID

Go to the new location you requested on the date indicated to pick up your ID. The delivery is personal for the owners or guardians of minors.

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