Mexico is one of the countries where the platform also produces productions. (Infobase)

The advancement of technology in the new millennium, added to the coronavirus pandemic that has hit internationally, has led citizens to seek new ways to enjoy cinema from the comfort of home.

As a result, various streaming platforms have sprung up, as is the case with HBO Maxwhich has been able to take advantage of its wide catalog of productions and has positioned itself in the taste of users.

From this catalog stand out these 10 movieswho have gained fame and become the topic of conversation in recent days.

Here is the list of the most viewed HBO Max Mexico:

1. Batman and Superman: The Battle of the Supersons

It begins when eleven-year-old Jonathan Kent discovers he has superpowers, throwing the semi-Kryptonian into the convoluted world of superheroes and villains, who are now under attack from an evil alien force known as the by Starro.

2. The visit

A mother decides to grant the requests of her two children and takes them to her grandparents’ isolated farm in Pennsylvania. Children, excited, will begin to carry out an intensive search in the house. Their grandparents, who seem adorable at first glance, impose certain rules on them that they cannot break. Naive kids think it’s okay to ignore them, until they find out the couple is in the middle of something really scary and sometimes, sometimes it’s better not to know the truth.

3. Space Jam: New Legends

Sequel to the original 1996 film, Space Jam, starring Michael Jordan. In this second part, the NBA superstar is LeBron James, who is trapped with his son Dom in a strange place, a digital space of an all-powerful and evil force known as AI. To get home and save his son, the basketball player must join forces with Bugs Bunny, Lola Bunny and other Looney Tunes characters to take on the AI-digitized champions in a basketball game.

4. Magic Mike XXL

After burning through the night with his incombustible stripper friends, star Magic Mike will have to assess whether he can live forever following this lifestyle. Choosing between easy money and completely changing jobs (with a few more clothes) is again a dilemma in her life. Until he gets it all figured out, his show continues to drive women of all ages crazy, who line up to enter his nightclub and revel in his sultry performances that will leave more than one mouth open. and empty pockets. When his personal life seems to get complicated at times, Mike must do what he knows best if he wants to get out of all his troubles: dance and create a different and uninspired show.

5. Anything that breathes

Against the dark backdrop of Delhi’s apocalyptic air and escalating violence, two brothers devote their lives to protecting a victim of turbulent times: the bird known as the Black Kite.

6. Obsession

Claire Peterson, a recently divorced high school teacher, begins an affair with Noah, an attractive young teenager who has recently moved in next door. Although at first the relationship goes well, it quickly begins to get complicated. The passionate romance takes a dangerous turn and what promised to be a fairy tale turns into a nightmare for Claire when the young man’s obsessive behaviors flourish, which she will try to escape before it’s too late.

7. Aqua Teen Forever: Plantasmus

Everyone’s favorite villains, the Aqua Teens, and everyone’s favorite evil neighbor, Carl, split up and reunite to fight everyone’s favorite corporate boss, Amazin, led by the tycoon of Everyone’s favorite technology, Nei. and his trusted scientific colleague, Elmer.

8. Life imprisonment

Accused of the murder of his wife, Andrew Dufresne, after being sentenced to life imprisonment, is sent to Shawshank prison. Over the years, he will gain the trust of the director of the center and the respect of his fellow prisoners, in particular Red, the boss of the mafia of corruption.

9. The stranger in you

Erica is a New York radio host whose life takes a dramatic turn when one night she and her fiancé are brutally beaten in the middle of the street and he dies from his injuries. Unable to recover from the tragedy, Erica continues to haunt the area where she was attacked, searching for clues that will lead her to those responsible. However, a policeman gradually senses his intentions and tries to prevent justice from being taken in hand.

10. On the Road

After the death of his father, Sal Paradise (Sam Riley), a New Yorker who aspires to become a writer, meets Dean Moriarty (Garrett Hedlund), a charming ex-con and married to the liberated and seductive Marylou (Kristen Stewart ). ). Sal and Dean instantly become friends. Thirsty for freedom and determined to escape routine and monotony, they embark on a trip to the South with Marylou. Adaptation of the homonymous novel (1957) by Jack Kerouac, key work of the “Beat” generation, which describes a crazy journey in the late forties.

Since its appearance, the HBO Max platform has become one of the most important in the streaming battle.  (Warner Media)
Since its appearance, the HBO Max platform has become one of the most important in the streaming battle. (Warner Media)

HBO Max is a subscription television network that emerged in the United States also known as the Home Box Office, which is owned by WarnerMedia, through which you can find movies and series.

Between the hottest titles Propia production encuentran Los Soprano, The Wire, Six Feet Under, Band of Brothers, The Pacific, Sex and the City, True Blood, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Game of Thrones.

It also has partial rights to films produced by Sony Pictures Entertainment, as well as select films by The Walt Disney Company and Universal Studios.

In Latin America, you can also enjoy other channels such as HBO 2, HBO+, HBO Family, HBO Xtreme and Cinemax, among others.

HBO It was the first cable and satellite channel Established as a television station for non-terrestrial transmission, it was in 1965 that cable pioneer Charles Francis Dolan won the franchise to build a cable system in Lower Manhattan.

Instead of hanging the cable on the telephone poles, it was decided to put the cable under the streets of manhattansince the signal could be blocked by tall buildings and skyscrapers in the city.

In December 2010, the channel had 28.6 million subscribers in the United States, become the largest cable television network in this country. Then it began its expansion to other countries including: Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela, among others, for a total of 150 nations.

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