Energy prices are rising in Western countries, including the United States, not because of Russia, but because of miscalculations of those countries’ leadership, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“As for those countries that are taking hostile steps towards our country, our economy, we are well aware that they are urging their citizens to tighten their belts, to cover themselves more to save on heating and in general indicate the sanctions that we they are imposing the deterioration of their situation as the reason. It all seems very strange, especially as we are fulfilling all our obligations, “he said in a meeting with ministers.

“Prices are rising there, but not our fault. This is the result of their own miscalculations, there is nothing to blame us for,” Putin said.

“The same goes for the rise in oil prices and oil products in the US. They said they are shutting down Russian oil imports to the US market. Prices are high, inflation is unprecedented, probably an all-time high. . They are trying to blame us for the results of their own mistakes, “he said. Putin

He said this was obvious to experts, since Russian oil supplies to the US market do not exceed 3%, “a negligible amount”.

“And the prices are going up. We have absolutely nothing to do with that. And even here, the Russian oil import ban has absolutely nothing to do with that. They hide behind these decisions to fool people once again. their peoples, “Putin said.

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