Attorney General Francisco Barbosa (Colprensa – Álvaro Tavera)

The Attorney General of the Nation, Francisco Barbosa, told the snails to Radio Bluewho will quote the Director of the National Police, Henry Armando Sanabria, to explain all the procedure which was applied within the framework of the arrival of the Aida Merlano a Colombia.

His arrival, it should be mentioned, was criticized by broad sectors of society, including the prosecutor, as his reception was, according to the prosecutor, “grotesque” and “apotheosis”.

“It was grotesque. I have been in office for three years and a month and I have never seen such a spectacle. And I had never seen it before. We are talking about a fugitive who was received under conditions, as if he were receiving a kidnapped. I really think procedures and protocols are important. Symbols are important,” he explained.

He added that when you receive a person who is authorized to make a statement in which he denigrates the supreme court of justice Yet the Attorney General of the Nation, “When you are a person sentenced by the highest judicial authority in this country, when we have seen the macabre spectacle of your escape, you see the welcome you are given and that is not normal. I have no no idea of ​​the criteria that the director of police has for this welcome to be normal. We can’t be complacent with criminals My God!. There are rules to the game and she is a fugitive of justice who has publicly escaped in embarrassing events for the INPEC and for Colombian justice”said the prosecutor.

For this reason, and emphasizing that what was seen was a bad message for the country, he clarified that as head of the judicial police of this country, “he didn’t. I find it a shame to enter a scenario where the additional protocols have not even been reviewed. I beg General Sanabria to read the 250 And I’m going to call him to my office today to explain to me the procedure that was followed. so that he can explain to me exactly what happened, ”said prosecutor Barbosa, who clarified that he had this power as head of the judicial police of this country.

“I want to check what happened, what is happening. Why what was done was done. It is not a natural procedure for a fugitive from justice to arrive under these conditions and make statements, while at the same time it is assumed that has relevant information to deliver to Colombian justice, understanding that she will denounce a certain number of people who will end up being part of an investigation, in case she has this evidence”, underlined the prosecutor Barbosa, who concluded that she is at the disposal of a judge of the execution of the pains, ” and the Office of the Public prosecutor It does not have more competence on the execution of a pain derived from a sentence of Court”.


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