The businessman, who was a presidential candidate in the Dominican Republic in 2018, rented the plane to tour Barranquilla

Friday afternoon February 17 there was a serious air crash near the El Porvenir district of the municipality of soledad In Atlantic. Colombian authorities are investigating the fact that three people were injured, including a prominent American-born businessman convicted in the Dominican Republic of defamation.

According to the authorities present at the event, after the accident, a three injured men. It was identified that it was Juan Carlos Saenz Lozanoretired Air Force pilot; Juan Antonio Reinaldo Castro, 30-year-old Dominican citizen; And Karim Nader Abu Nabathe controversial son of Arab-born oil magnate Mustafa Abu Naba’a.

Karim Nader Abu Naba It is known in the United States and the Dominican Republic as Prince Karimbecause of the fortune that his family has thanks to the oil trade, but also because of his involvement in scandals related to fraud, counterfeit, fraud, among others. Karim was born in the state of Florida in 1984 and was linked to politics in the Dominican Republic through his father.

It was established that oil businessman Mustafá Abu Naba’a, Karim’s father, had important business ties to former Dominican presidents Hipólito Mejía and Leonel Fernandez; in fact the same Prince He was the boyfriend of Fernández’s oldest daughter for several years.

In 2018, when the presidential campaigns for the 2020 elections began in this country, Karol Nader Abu came announced his candidacy supported by the Dominican Green Party; however, months later the party reported that the Prince he ceased to be its candidate because he went against what the Dominican Constitution establishes on dual nationality. At the time, the candidate announced that he had invested 17 million Dominican pesos in his candidacy.

Karim Nader Abu Naba'a has been embroiled in fraud, defamation and even attempted murder scandals
Karim Nader Abu Naba’a has been embroiled in fraud, defamation and even attempted murder scandals

Throughout his life of luxury as heir to an oil tycoon married to a Dominican, the Prince Karim He has been involved in different scandals and linked to different crimes such as falsification of documents and arms traffickingbecause the media of Barranquilla was able to establish the herald.

In 2012, he was arrested by authorities in Dominican Republic when he came back to the country from Miami. Authorities say Karim had had a warrant for his arrest since September 2011, when he was accused of falsifying documents to become the owner of a 2003 Ferrari Enzo. Prince he was sentenced to two years in prison He was acquitted some time later by a National District judge and only had to pay the plaintiff $2 million.

At that time, according to the Dominican press, Karim was also accused of assassination attempt by lawyer Gustavo Mejía Ricart, who assured that after failing to reach an amicable agreement in a case of fraud in which he was accused, the Prince He threatened him with a submachine gun whose shots were fortunately diverted thanks to the escort of businessman Abu Naba’a. The case was at a standstill and mejia ricart He assured that, because of his proximity to the Dominican power, Karim was “untouchable” by the authorities.

The former presidential candidate’s most recent scandal was in July 2021, when he was sentenced to one year in prison for defaming lawyer José Rafael Ariza. As the Dominican authorities were able to establish, the American businessman of Arab-Dominican origin committed the crimes of electronic defamation and slander; for which he also had to pay a fine of 500 minimum wages and an indemnity of five million Dominican pesos in favor of the lawyer.

Karim Nader Abu Naba'a is the son of a great Arab oil tycoon
Karim Nader Abu Naba’a is the son of a great Arab oil tycoon

the herald established that Karim Nader Abu Naba He’s the one who rented the helicopter Bell HK-4750 from Aerocesar SAS to fly over Barranquilla. It was revealed in a preliminary way that when the plane passed through the El Porvenir district of the municipality of soledad it had mechanical problems, which would have caused it to crash.

However, the Colombian Civil Aeronautics Accident Investigation Technical Directorate (Diacc) has appointed a team of experts to determine the causes of the accident and announced it from its Twitter account. “The Technical Directorate for Investigation of Accidents in the Aerocivil appointed a team of experts to collect evidence which make it possible to establish the causes of the accident of the Bell 206 helicopter, registered HK-4750, which occurred this afternoon in Soledad, Atlántico”.

Karim Nader Abu Naba stay in the mother and child hospital, in Soledad, after being rescued by local residents and firefighters who witnessed the incident. As the Dominican journalist was able to establish Jaime Rincon, the American businessman is stable. “I just spoke with Karim’s parents. He is very good. Thank God nothing happened to him. Nothing happened to his security either, ”wrote the communicator on his networks Friday evening 17.

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