The pilots of a Boeing 737 MAX American Airlines decided this Friday to shut down one of the engines urgently for a “Possible mechanical problem” On a flight MiamiNew York, before landing safely.

Flight 2555’s flagship aircraft Boeing he arrived “safely and without incident” at the Newark airport and traveled unassisted to the intended gate, a company spokesman said.

The Boeing 737 MAX were paralyzed for nearly two years after two fatal accidents.

The problem with Flight 2555 was related to pressure in the engine oil or a volume indicator, the spokesman said.

The MCAS pilot assistance software, questioned by the Lion Air crashes in 2018 and Ethiopian Airlines in 2019, in which hundreds of people died, this time was not involved, he said.

The aircraft, coming from Miami, landed in New York “after the pilots reported turning off one of the engines in flight, “said the US agency that oversees aviation, the FAA, which plans to investigate the incident.

American Airlines was the first company to reinstate the 737 MAX to its flight schedule at the end of December 2020, a few weeks after the authorization granted by the US authorities.

The FAA then demanded several modifications to the aircraft, in particular to the MCAS software, as well as a new training of the pilots.

The director of the agency, Steve Dickson, warned at the time that it was “inevitable” that at some point mechanical problems would arise and that a 737 MAX had to return to the airport during the flight, as is the case with all aircraft models.

Boeing, which has established an operations center that monitors all flights of the 737 MAX in real time said Friday that it was “aware” of the incident, without providing further comment.

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