Last month, the Mexican actor Pablo Lyle he was transferred from the penitentiary center before deciding where he will serve the rest of his sentence. Lyle was sentenced to five years in prison in the United States for the death of a man he fought with on a Miami street.

He South Florida Welcome Center Miami-Dade County is where Lyle was transferred, according to Florida prison officials. There, he will be questioned by psychologists and doctors to determine which Florida prison he will be sent to to serve his sentence, which was imposed on him.

Although his family and friends are very hopeful that an appeal may be possible or that the Sinalo actor can reduce his sentence for good behavior, no situation has been defined so far. Pablo Lyle he was sentenced to 5 years in state prison, plus an additional 8 years of probation and 100 hours of service.

(screenshot: Telemundo)
(screenshot: Telemundo)

The truth is that it is always possible that the penalty of Pablo Lyle or you are successful on appeal; Likewise, documentation has been made public indicating the Mexican actor’s scheduled release date of September 29, 2027.

Last month, fans of the actor delivered to the family of Pablo Lyle around 60,000 pesos as a sign of support from their fans to help them financially.

The amount is based on the more than $3,000 that has been raised on the donacionespablolyle.com page since the Mexican actor was sentenced to prison in the United States. The account had never had more than 100 000 dollars before the day of the final trial.


The actor was sentenced to five years in prison and eight years probation for the 2019 death of the Cuban Juan Ricardo Hernandezwhich he hit after an altercation at a crossroads in this city in southern Florida (USA).

After a jury found him guilty of manslaughter last October, the prosecution requested the maximum sentence in this case, 15 years in prison, while the defense requested a year and a half in prison given that Lyle had no criminal record. and that Hernández was the one who started the argument.

The actor got out of the car during the attack and punched Hernandez as he returned to his car after yelling at the occupants during a fight over a traffic violation. The incident happened at a red light.

(screenshot: Telemundo)
(screenshot: Telemundo)

Footage captured by security cameras from a nearby gas station shows Lyle running towards the man, who sees the Mexican approaching and unsuccessfully tries to defend himself before being punched and immediately collapsing. He died in a Miami hospital four days later.

“This is a sad example of something that has gone too far. I believe that if Lyle had a second chance, he would not take the actions that he must now take responsibility for,” said circuit judge Marisa Tinkler Méndez. during the sentencing hearing, stating that Mr. Hernández “didn’t deserve to die for what happened that day.”

“These are the most sincere apologies I have ever made in my life, I am truly sorry for this with all my heart”, declared the actor, visibly moved, to the relatives of the victim present in the room a few moments before. the announcement of the verdict, in which was the first time he appeared since the incident.

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