Riots in Villa Madero during a protest by neighbors demanding security (TN)

The neighbors of the city of Buenos Aires of Villa Madero, in the district of La Matanza, organized a strong protest Before 6th police station of this district on Tuesday evening, in the midst of a demand for wholesale security after the shooting of a taxi driver who tried to steal his vehicle. Less than 24 hours after the riots, the commissioner was removed from office of their functions.

The data was confirmed by survey sources at GlobeLiveMedia. For now, and until a replacement is made Carlos Baezthe police station remains involved.

During this time, the Tax Investigation Unit N°3 of La Matanza, in charge of Gaston Bianchisued for “Shame” although, until yesterday, the perpetrators have not been identified. As this media was able to learn, initially, the judicial officer who is investigating the case examines the files captured by the media to establish who attacked the premises of the police station.

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The police version claims that before the physical conflict, the officers and a group of neighbors were able to strike up a conversation, but before the arrival of the television cameras the exchange was distorted to the point that members of the police had to intervene. . Ministry of Security of the Province of Buenos Aires.

“We know that it’s not all the neighbors, but a couple of misfits, who broke up on purpose,” they explained to this media.

Incidents during a protest by neighbors for greater security in Villa Madero (Capture: TN)

The Sunday before the claim, a neighbor named Ezequiel was returning home after 10 p.m. when he was approached by criminals who pointed a gun at him and hit him in the head with their buttocks. First they took the keys to his truck, then they tried to take his cell phone.

The robbery failed, since the assailants did not start the shot to carry out the robbery. Considering this, they chose to shoot the victim. A security camera recorded the scene in which one of the attackers is seen holding the gun upright and opening fire, shooting Ezequiel in the stomach. He is currently hospitalized in serious condition.

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Tired of the frequency and consistency of the facts of insecure, the neighbors called for a mobilization for this Tuesday, March 14, with the destination of the police headquarters at 900, rue Pedernera. There, they set themselves the first objective of holding a meeting with the head of the unit, Commissioner Carlos Báez.

The moment when Ezequiel, the resident of Villa Madero, is shot in the stomach by criminals who wanted to steal his truck

Faced with the refusal that, according to the protagonists of the claim, the officer in uniform had expressed to accept a meeting, pressure began at the entrance to the police station. The entire sequence took place after 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, with local media and a TN news signal cell phone recording crude testimonies from neighbors recounting their borderline experiences dealing with criminals.

“It becomes Rosario”, a middle-aged man who was part of the claim was heard shouting in front of television cameras.

The scene stopped around 7:30 p.m.: neither the neighbors left the premises nor the police authorities agreed to hold a meeting which gave rise to a dialogue. A line of uniformed officers stood behind the windows of the entrance gate to the police station to block the entrance.

This position heated the spirits and the pressure on the access to the police headquarters increased. Eventually the outcome was inevitable and the riots began. There was jostling, broken glass, and a parking cone sticking through the front door leaf.

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