26 Workers are electrocuted in Tangier in an Illegal Factory

26 Workers are electrocuted in Tangier in an Illegal Factory

At least 24 workers have died in Tangier (Morocco) after an electrical short circuit occurred, according to local authorities, by seepage of rainwater, in a clandestine textile factory located in the basement of a residential building.

At the factory, which was located in the Branes II neighborhood, they worked, according to the web portal le360.ma, more than 40 people illegally. Authorities blame heavy rains as the cause of the power failure which has caused the death of the workers, although they have announced the opening of an investigation to clarify the facts.

No more victims are ruled out

At the moment 24 deaths and 10 injured have been reported, who have been transferred to the Regional Hospital of Tangier. Nevertheless, there could be more victims, it is not ruled out that some workers are trapped in the building.

The factory where the workers died was located on the road between the south of Tangier and Rabat. The rains that have fallen in the area, which have reached 16 mm during the morning, have been penetrating the building until they have caused the power cut that has led to the fatal outcome.

The rain has affected the entire city to the point that streets have been flooded and city communications have collapsed.

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