Who was Odalis Santos, a fitness influencer who died from treatment for excessive sweating

Who was Odalis Santos, a fitness influencer who died from treatment for excessive sweating

This Wednesday the influencer Odalis Santo Mena, who practiced weightlifting (bodybuilding), died after undergoing a treatment against excessive sweating in Guadalajara, Jalisco. If you did not know her, then we will tell you everything you need to know about this famous 23-year-old athlete.

The young woman from Autlán de Navarro, Jalisco, participated in physicoconstructivism competitions and was Miss Welness champion and Mr. Hercules 2019. She also came in second place in Bikini Wellness Juvenil and 2nd place in Bikini Wellness Novatas in 2020.

In addition to competitions, a fundamental point in Odalis’s career was her rise as an influencer in social networks, which began since she began to show her training and physical progress.

Therefore, if in 2018 one of his publications reached 800 likes, by 2021, her photographs reached almost 10,000.

“She was a young entrepreneur, athlete and full of dreams; Today she died, she died of negligence in a clinic where she underwent treatment to reduce armpit sweating. Odalis Santos Mena, was an athlete and influence in Guadalajara, and this morning she went to the SkinPiel clinic, where she had been hired to promote a treatment for sweating reduction that promised to be easy and safe,”mentioned Chiapas without censorship.

On the other hand, a former teacher of the athlete, named Claudia, responded to the criticism that arose after Odalis’s death and stressed that she was a passionate woman in what she did and an entrepreneur.

“Odalis Santos Mena was not just an influencer, she was a high performance athlete, she had her own brand of sports clothing and equipment, I understand that they did not know her and perhaps that is why they say things that are not true about her, judging her, criticizing her, etc. But I invite you to review your profile either on Instagram or Facebook and you will realize who Odalis was, is and will be. She was my student in high school, I am a witness of how dedicated, disciplined and a good person she was,” she remarked.

She also recalled how the young woman was in her time as a student and delved into the fact that she always put her best effort into everything she set out to do.

“She fell asleep in English class because her thing, her thing was sports. I remember in Asesorias how she brought her bag with liquefied food as if it were ice, because she couldn’t skip her meal schedule. I am sure that in heaven she continue to triumph as champion, I am going to remind you of my Odalis, as a dedicated, strong, big and smiling woman, who always gave her maximum effort; and with that little girl’s voice that characterized you,” the teacher said.

It is worth mentioning that Odalis was a student of first semester of the degree in Nutrition from the University Center of the South Coast of the University of Guadalajara and had recently obtained first place in the Youth Wellness Fitness in Ms. Jalisco Youth and Veterans 2021.

The relatives and followers of Odalis cry out for justice for the death of the influencer who died at the age of 23, as they assure that her death derived from medical negligence at the Skin Piel clinic Wellness Center, where she went to perform a procedure called “Mira Dry”.

And it is that Santos had promoted an advertising campaign of the establishment on his Instagram account, where she has more than 91 thousand followers, many of which now raise their voices to demand justice before the Jalisco authorities for the athlete that motivated them for a healthier lifestyle.

It was the Skin Piel company, which, seeing the growing popularity of the athlete, hired her in recent days to subject her to the cosmetic procedure that cost her her life; However, the version sounds that the treatment was carried out by unsuitable local personnel, and not by specialized doctors.

As part of the advertising agreement, Odalis published in her stories the process to which she would be subjected in the beauty clinic, in whose videos you can see an employee of the company explaining the treatment to the athlete. The woman assured that it would be done “safely and easily”; And it is now that her followers have denounced that the young woman had been the victim of untrained personnel.

Relatives detailed that Odalis was received by clinic workers and they took her to a room to do the treatment. There, a person who is not an anesthesiologist, gave her anesthesia and went into strike. Odalis was not treated by doctors, but by workers.

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