Who is Ricardo Bours, candidate for governor of Sonora who resigned MC and joined the PRI

Who is Ricardo Bours, candidate for governor of Sonora who resigned MC and joined the PRI

Citizen movement was shocked with strong news in Sonora, where Ricardo Bours, the party’s candidate for governor, resigned to join the project of the PAN-PRI-PRD.

The former orange candidate is the eighth child of the marriage between Javier Robinson Bours and Alma Castelo. His first years were spent in Ciudad Obregón, but then he began his high school studies at school St. Catherine’s de California, to complete his upper secondary and higher education in the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores Monterrey (ITESM).

Bours Castelo is a public accountant with specialized studies in tax matters by the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM), although he has dedicated himself to being a tax advisor and managing his own companies, business organizations, banking councils and charitable or educational institutions.

However, politics is in his blood, since his father and other relatives successfully ventured into this area, although with the Institutional Revolution Party (PRI).

Ricardo Bours (Photo: Twitter @ r_rbc)

Ricardo also belonged to the ranks of this party, who projected him into the life of public officials, and with whom he reached the municipal presidency of Cajeme, in Sonora, for the period 2000-20003.

However, he was surprised when he left the family history party to join the project of Citizen Movement and contend for the governorship of Sonora against two fierce opponents.

On one side is Ernesto Gándara Camou, standard bearer of the parties PRI, PAN and PRD with the “Va por Sonora” coalition; on the other, we have the former secretary Alfonso Durazo backed by the PT, PVEM, PES and, of course, Morena.

But everything changed when Ricardo Bours decided to leave his party and join the PRIANRD. Through a “call for unity”, the businessman also assured that he will join a project that will add “to the political plurality of Sonora.”

Ricardo Bours (Photo: Twitter @ r_rbc)

But behind, Ricardo also has one of the richest families in Mexico. It is yours, the Robinson Bours, who accumulate a fortune of approximately three billion dollars.

This family are the founders of the companies Bachoco, a meat and egg producer, as well as owners of the company Megacable, dedicated to telecommunications, both run by Francisco Robinson Bours Castelo, 68 years old.

His father is neither more nor less than Javier Bours Almada, a prominent businessman, but also a PRI politician who was municipal president of Cajeme, in Sonora, from 1967 to 1970 and a federal deputy from 1970 to 1973; However, its beginnings date back to 1961, when he was a councilor in the municipal administration.

On the other side is his brother, a man with even more political influence in the entity. Is about José Eduardo Robinson Bours Castelo, former governor of Sonora for him Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) from 2003 to 2009, but before that he served as a senator of the Republic.

(Photo: Bachoco)

But there is still one more family name in politics. It’s about the senator Arturo Bours Griffith, who is the alternate senator for Alfonso Durazo Montaño and belongs to the National Regeneration Movement.

Within the Senate, he is a member of the Urban Development, Land Management and Housing commissions; Agriculture, Livestock, Fishing and Rural Development; National defense; Marine; as well as Public Safety.

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