Who is Luis Echeverría? the controversial former president who turns 100

Who is Luis Echeverría? the controversial former president who turns 100


Despite the time, claims for episodes of violence by Echeverría remain alive, who last appeared in public in April 2021 to receive his vaccine against covid-19.

“The commitment, above all, is to non-repetition, to never again repress those who protest those who fight for transformations,” promised President López Obrador last June 10, offering an apology from the State for the “halconazo.”

Last October, the current government created a Truth Commission to clarify the “dirty war.”

But historian Cedillo considers that “it is a belated commission” and “condemned to irrelevance” by the government itself, which should focus resources on finding the disappeared.

It also points out that Echeverría officials occupy government positions, such as the current attorney general of the republic, Alejandro Gertz Manero, accused of leading Operation Condor during that six-year term, which although it officially sought to fight drug trafficking, was used to persecute activists and social movements with the support of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

“It is something that must be remembered, that finally this Mexico that we live in so violent, so broken, of state agents allied to organized crime, in collusion, receiving bribes, is one of the great legacies of that time,” exhorts Cedillo.

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