Shooting in Miguel Hidalgo leaves one dead and at least five injured

Shooting in Miguel Hidalgo leaves one dead and at least five injured

A shooting was registered in the Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office that left one dead and at least five injured.

A man has been killed and five more were injured this Friday morning, during a shooting, in one of the busiest areas of the Mexican capital, the Daniel Garza neighborhood in Mexico City.

The shooting began after three alleged criminals tried to rob the house with room number 27, General Alatorre street. According to reports, the property owner confronted the criminals with a weapon, resulting in one death in the crash. Due to the facts, it will be presented to the corresponding authorities.

Elements of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) of Mexico City secured two weapons. Paramedics went to the scene of the shooting.

The injured criminals were immediately transferred to a hospital.

The crime scene is located in one of the most important financial and commercial city halls of the Mexican capital, close to the Los Pinos cultural complex and the Papalote Children’s Museum .

The first massacre recorded in the year took place in said demarcation. Four weeks ago, five people were killed in a shooting, on Lago Chapala and Lago de San Cristóbal streets, in the Anáhuac neighborhood.

Among the deceased was Roberto Erasmo “N”, alias el “Robert” who, according to the authorities, was a member of the Union Tepito.

The crash was unleashed when subjects with long weapons arrived at an address marked 86 Lago Chapala Street, where the “Robert” was sheltered. The gunmen opened fire on the inhabitants.

The people killed were 41, 35 and 28 years old. All were transferred to a Rubén Leñero hospital in Mexico City, where they died.

It was a robbery of a house in a building near the Los Pinos cultural complex (Photo: Twitter / MrElDiablo8)

It was a robbery of a house in a building near the Los Pinos cultural complex (Photo: Twitter / MrElDiablo8) 

The Citizen Security Observatory warned about the increase in house robberies in the country’s capital, mostly perpetrated by people of foreign origin, specifically of Colombian nationality.

From January 1 to October 31 of last year they were opened 3,499 research folders for robbery room according to figures from the Executive Secretariat of the National Citizen Security System. The colonies Vista Hermosa, Lomas de Bezares, Lomas de Chapultepec and Las Águilas were reported as those with the highest incidence of cases.

They affirmed that in Las Águilas, of 83 robberies, 26 were committed by persons of foreign nationality; while in Vista Hermosa they committed five robberies by Colombians.

The neighborhood organization against crime in Mexico City has urged the capital authorities, specifically the prosecutor Ernestina godoy, Attorney General of Mexico City, to improve research work and integrate folders “better” and thus prevent suspected criminals from being released.

The Secretary of Citizen Security in CDMX, Omar Harfuch, reported that for this 2021, the security strategy in the city will focus on five priority crimes: Intentional homicide, theft of a vehicle with and without violence, of a passenger and house.

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