Senate Discusses GN’s 2021 Report; Covarrubias condemns human rights violations by the Tamaulipas police

Senate Discusses GN’s 2021 Report; Covarrubias condemns human rights violations by the Tamaulipas police

Mexico City – In discussion of the 2021 National Guard Report, Senator Lupita Covarrubias Cervantes recalled the systematic violations of the Human Rights of Governor García Cabeza de Vaca and the phenomenon of social decomposition of the last six-year terms that currently continues to harm.

She recognized the role of the National Guard to assist in security tasks with the three orders of government, through joint work in crime prevention and in the fight against crime, providing support in a particular way when the authorities request it. “Unfortunately, some local authorities have not contributed to the establishment of coordination mechanisms, such as in my state of Tamaulipas, where thanks to these omissions, the incidence of crime continues to rise,” she said.

Covarrubias stressed that the National Guard does not replace, in any case, the local public security institutions and pointed out: “As is the example of Camargo and Río Bravo, two municipalities that presented human rights violations by the security corporation state public. Coordination and trust is the basis for building peace, we must promote that path.”

Lupita specified that the Support Plan of the National Guard is to attend to priority objectives where there is more crime and especially more homicides, “… With the implementation of this Support Plan, we seek to pacify, with a clear purpose… to reverse the phenomenon of social decomposition that in recent six-year terms has affected various states”.

Senator Lupita mentioned that the National Guard is fully committed to combating public insecurity in the country, through its presence at the national and regional levels, attending to priority objectives for the reduction of high-impact crimes in the states.

In seeking to address the causes and conditions that foster criminal behavior, Covarrubias specified that, in January 2022, it was the lowest month in the incidence of intentional homicide in the last five years and that there was a 14.4% reduction in compared to January 2021 and 19% compared to January 2020, all of this as a result of the National Guard Support Plan, which implements coordination with the three levels of government.

Lupita Covarrubias concluded her participation in the plenary, assuring that the National Guard “… has moved from the reactive scheme that prevailed in the past, to a preventive citizen security model, where coordination with federal, state and municipal authorities is resulting in, a citizen strategy that allows facing the problems that afflict society.”

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