President of the Supreme Court of Mexico reveals that two judges raped workers for years

President of the Supreme Court of Mexico reveals that two judges raped workers for years

Two Mexican judges investigated by the Judicial Power of the Federation of Mexico “They had been raping” female workers for years, as revealed this Wednesday by the president of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), Arturo Zaldívar.

The minister gave this information during a press conference in which he highlighted the importance of the sentence passed on Tuesday by the body by which the ban on abortion was declared unconstitutional.

As he said, since his arrival to the presidency of the SCJN, “judges, magistrates, secretaries”, among others, have been dismissed, and there is currently a case under investigation of two judges who raped colleagues and workers for years.

Zaldívar did not want to give specific information about the judges or the alleged victims, claiming that there is an ongoing investigation and added that the important thing is to change the macho culture that existed within the body.

“More than the sanction, what we care about is changing the culture, creating environments where bullying is no longer a part and since we are having results and sanctions, bullying has dropped considerably”, story.

In this sense, he said that people who are not currently working in the SCJN can also file complaints while the alleged crime has not been transcribed, since many cases are of women who no longer work in the Judiciary.

“(Sexual harassment) It was a culture in the Judiciary, it didn’t look bad. It was already very socialized to think that women were an object and women for fear of losing their job had to endure these issues “, he acknowledged.

On Tuesday, unanimously, the ministers of the plenary session of the SCJN invalidated article 196 of the Penal Code of Coahuila, northern state, which imposed from one to three years in prison “to the woman who voluntarily performs her abortion or to the person who cause abortion with consent ”.

After the ruling, the Government of Coahuila reported on Tuesday that it will abide by the judgment of the Supreme Court and that it will also have retroactive effects, so if there is any woman deprived of her liberty for the crime of abortion, she must be released immediately.

In addition, this Wednesday President Zaldívar announced that public defenders of the Mexican SCJN will advise and defend women persecuted for having abortions.

With these facts and the advances of the gender unit, the magistrate considered, the commitment during his mandate with equality between women and men and the policy of “zero tolerance” in cases of abuse or sexual harassment is reaffirmed.

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