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President calls on Mexicans to save Energy due to Blackouts

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on Thursday appealed to all Mexicans to save energy at night in order to finish solving as soon as possible the fuel shortage problems caused by the supply cut gas from Texas due to cold snap.

“From 6 to 11 (pm), help us by consuming less all Mexicans. The problem is practically solved, but we are all going to help to have reservations  and that we are not going to suffer from the blackouts,” he said.

At the same time, the president said that Mexico has put all its diplomatic machinery into operation to prevent Texas from cutting off gas supplies as proposed by its governor. The country depends on these imports and a large part of Mexican industry, located in the north of the country, could be affected.

“I do not believe in closing the borders, I do not believe that it is the solution to the problems,” said López Obrador.

Mexico uses gas to generate about 60% of its electricity, compared to 40% in the United States, and built pipelines to take advantage of cheap American natural gas that is often the product of hydraulic fracturing in Texas, although Mexico does not allow such a technique in his territory.

Low temperatures and storms in Texas produced a chain of power failure events that left nearly 5 million users without power in northern Mexico on Monday as a lack of natural gas disrupted power generation.

As explained by Manuel Reyes, energy manager of the Federal Electricity Commission, a state company, Texas had an “unprecedented” increase in demand, the supply of renewable energies in that state failed, the pipelines that transported gas were frozen, its Price began to increase exponentially, Texas declared a state of emergency and Mexico followed.

The blackouts and scheduled outages lasted for three days but, according to the government, they could be solved with the search for alternative fuels of all kinds, from fuel and diesel, to coal, nuclear energy, hydroelectric and the purchase of two liquefied gas ships which were scheduled to arrive on Thursday afternoon at the ports of Manzanillo (on the Pacific) and Altamira (on the Gulf of Mexico).

The government defined the entire procedure to recover the supply as a “feat” and López Obrador stressed that everything that happened should serve to understand “that it is necessary to strengthen the public companies of the country and give them priority”, that is, to privilege the Federal Commission de Electricidad and Petróleos Mexicanos.

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