The violence against the authorities of the state of Zacatecas was present again, with the massacre of six elements of the municipal police of Calera, including the director of the corporation.

According to the first reports, five of the uniformed men were exercising in a sports unit of the aforementioned municipality, when they were ambushed by an armed commando that fired several bursts of fire.

After the complaint about this attack, the director and deputy director of the police went to the scene to provide support, but they were also attacked by the gunmen.

As a result, the police chief lost his life while being taken to a hospital for treatment, while the deputy director was injured and his situation has not been reported.

In addition, it was reported that a woman and two men, also police officers, were injured and taken to various hospitals.

In this regard, the governor of Zacatecas, David Monreal, instructed state authorities to act promptly and efficiently to find the culprits. For its part, elements of the National Guard and the Mexican Army installed a search operation in the area supported by two helicopters.

According to figures from the Common Cause organization, Zacatecas ranks as the deadliest state in Mexico for uniformed personnel so far this year, because so far, the Secretary of Security recognizes the death of 42 agents in its territory during 2022: 39 state and municipal police officers, two elements of the National Guard and one more from the Secretary of National Defense.

The wave of violence that exists in Zacatecas is due to its geographical location, as explained by Luis Cresencio Sandoval, Secretary of National Defense, detailing that the entity is strategic for drug trafficking carried out by criminal groups.

“The state of Zacatecas has a highly strategic location in terms of communications, it is a communications hub, a place where highways that go to different parts of the country converge, mainly to the north,” he explained.

Meanwhile, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador expressed his support for the Zacatecan population and promised to reinforce the security plan to return peace to the state, which has not arrived so far.

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