Mexican President AMLO has lied more than 56,000 times in his morning lectures, according to a report

Mexican President AMLO has lied more than 56,000 times in his morning lectures, according to a report

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), has made more than 56,000 false or misleading statements in his morning conferences, according to a report distributed this Thursday by the political consultancy SPIN.

According to the report published by the political consultant Luis Estrada, in the 641 morning conferences he has given since his arrival to the Presidency on December 1, 2018 and until June 30, the president is inaccurate 88 times on average in each one of them.

In total, the report says, it has made 56,181 untrue statements in these spaces.

In addition, as of June 30, 2021, he mentioned on 118 occasions the middle classes, whom on 11 occasions he has described as aspirationists, 10 more have been said to be manipulated, in 7 conservative, in 6 selfish and / or who turn their back on the neighbor and four more who are more concerned with material things.

According to SPIN data, most of the times he referred to the middle classes he did so in this year. Just before the last elections on June 6, he mentioned them 66 times, while after that date he has done so 52 times.

Meanwhile, the phrases that he has repeated the most during his morning lectures have been those related to justice, with 1,137 mentions, while in 1,086 he has said to guarantee.

Other of his three favorite words are: will, with 310 mentions; faith, said 152 times, and hope, uttered 78 times.

López Obrador began with the “morning” on December 3, 2018, two days after assuming the presidency, as a promise to offer transparency and openness to the media, in contrast to his predecessor, Enrique Peña Nieto, who only offered a couple of press conferences from 2012 to 2018.

But international freedom of expression associations have accused the president of using the conferences to attack journalists and critics.

Just this Wednesday, the president presented a section called “Who is who in the lies of the week” to show alleged false news in the media.

According to the president, what said section seeks is that there be a change in the media so that “there are no lies, slander and the truth is reported.”

Mexico is one of the most violent countries in the world for the journalistic union and every year there are numerous murders, attacks and intimidations against the press by organized crime and authorities.

The CNDH has pointed out that Mexico is one of the most dangerous countries to practice journalism in Latin America and so far it has counted 170 journalists and media workers killed since 2000.

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