Jimena Pérez ‘La Choco’ reveals that she and her husband have Covid-19

Jimena Pérez ‘La Choco’ reveals that she and her husband have Covid-19

About how she found out about her infection, Jimena said: “I realized it in my PCR, generally whenever I go to Mexico, although they don’t ask for it here, I do a routine two days before because I arrive with my family and always I am very concerned about my mother and my grandmother, who will turn 90 next Friday. ”

Regarding the symptoms, Pérez reported that both she and her husband were asymptomatic the first days; However, they were concerned because on Monday, February 15, they woke up with a different fatigue than they normally feel, and that made them alert about a possible contagion.

Pérez reported that just four days after this warning on their health, the couple received a positive result for Covid-19, and from that moment on they have had very mild symptoms.

“Few symptoms, sore throat Rafa, itchy throat as if it were going to give us a cough, but in the end it did not give us, a few headaches, I did lose taste and smell, which fortunately I am recovering very quickly” he explained.

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