“I have six years left”: AMLO spoke about the extension of the mandate and the rumors of his re-election

“I have six years left”: AMLO spoke about the extension of the mandate and the rumors of his re-election

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López ObradorHe joked this Wednesday with the years that he will remain in the Presidency of the Republic, the extension of his mandate and his re-election.

When asked if a possible extension of his mandate would sign a commitment, López Obrador said that he still has 6 years left.

“I still have six years left,” said the Mexican president laughing.

He immediately clarified that formally he has 3 left, but since he works double, they count as six years.

“Formally I have three left, but since I work twice as much there are six, that is, we are going to continue transforming the country, we have already laid the foundations”, he pointed.

López Obrador explained that he is not going to re-elect or extend his mandate, and that it is not necessary to sign a commitment that his word is enough, and reiterated that he works double, that is why it is as if there were six.

“I have six years left, I have three years to go, But I am going to work 16 hours a day as I have been doing, not eight, well then … and clarifying, if the people want”, he pointed.

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The re-election rumors have been constant during the two years that López Obrador barely has in the Presidency. In social networks it is common to see trends that refer to the possibility that the president could stay in office for longer.

However, on multiple occasions López Obrador has forcefully denied said speculations, He has even told what his plans are for 2024, when his term ends.

The most recent speculation on the subject arose after it was proposed to extend the mandate of the president of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, Arturo Saldívar.

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The Mexican president assured that his intention to extend the mandate of the President of the Supreme Court, Arturo Zaldívar, does not hide the intention of re-electing himself as head of state in 2024.

“I have already heard that if the term of the Supreme Court is extended it is because I want to be reelected, which is already a dress rehearsal, a prologue, an introduction to my purpose of re-election. No, I am not like them, like those who have always cherished this purpose of being reelected,” he said during his morning press conference at the National Palace.

The Mexican Constitution establishes a period six years for presidents and prohibits re-election, so López Obrador must end his term in 2024.

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The president said that “If nature and the creator so decide”, he will retire in September 2024 and withdraw “completely” from political activity.

“I am finishing my mandate, which by the way, people do not know that I will have two months less than the other presidents, because I will not finish at the end of November, I will finish at the end of September, that is, it is two months less than the other presidents, but if nature decides so, the creator, the people, it is until that day, nothing more, and I retire, I retire completely of public activity, of political activity.”

“I’m going to Palenque to write, yes, I’m going to write a book that will take time on conservative thinking, because I have to have an occupation,” said the president.

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He assured once again that he will move to his ranch in Palenque, in the southeastern state of Chiapas, where he will write a book “on conservative thinking” and will receive his corresponding elderly pension.

“And I also advance you that I am going to live on my pension from ISSSTE, and I will also be entitled to the pension for the elderly, but absolutely nothing about politics.”

“That is why I am working intensely because I hope to fulfill my mission, my task, at the end of September 24 and I am sure that I will contribute as it is happening with the participation of millions of Mexicans to the transformation of Mexico, It is going to be the Fourth Transformation of the country, as was the Independence, as was the Reform as was the Revolution in the country, in a peaceful way, but with the same depth”, the president stressed.

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