The security and emergency services of Nuevo León are already in action, and they walk the streets of the entity to assess damages, after the historic snowfall that hit different points of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Monterrey , such as Apodaca, Escobedo, San Nicolás or San Pedro, among others.

In the last hours, the effects of the storm – caused by the Cold Front 35 and the ninth winter storm – forced the closure of stretches of roads, bridges and roads, and the opening of shelters. The contingency was complicated on Monday morning by a general failure in the electrical system that caused a blackout in several areas of the north of the country.

Through Facebook, Miguel Perales, from the Nuevo León Civil Protection, confirmed that this problem in the electricity supply generated an interruption of the Metrorrey service, and assured that the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) is working to resolve the incident.

According to the forecast of the National Meteorological Service (SMN), new snowfalls are expected in the entity throughout the day. That is why we provide you below the list of hostels, the weather forecast, the updated road information, and everything you need to know.

On the morning of this Monday, February 15, it is only closed to traffic the Monterrey-Laredo highway (Fee), from kilometer 32 to 71, due to freezing of the asphalt road.

The rest of the roads continue to operate, under these climatic conditions:

– Monterrey-Reynosa (Quota): operating normally. Mostly cloudy sky, no rain; average visibility> 10 km. Temperature: -6º to -3º.

– Monterrey-Reynosa (Free): operating normally. Mostly cloudy sky, no rain; average visibility> 10 km. Temperature: -6º to -3º.

– Monterrey-Saltillo (Free): operating normally. Cloudy sky, no rain; average visibility> 10 km. Temperature: -6º to -3º.

– Monterrey-Saltillo (Quota): operating normally. Cloudy sky, no rain; average visibility> 10 km. Temperature: -6º to -3º.

– Carretera Colombia: operating normally. Cloudy sky, no rain; average visibility> 10 km. Temperature :: -9º to -6º.

– Monclova Highway: operating normally. Cloudy sky, no rain; average visibility> 10 km. Temperature: -8º to -5º.

– National Highway and Linares-San Roberto: operating normally. Cloudy sky, no rain; average visibility> 10 km. Temperature: -4º to -1º.

– Carretera Miguel Alemán: operating normally. Cloudy sky, no rain; average visibility> 10 km. Temperature: -5º to -3º.

– Highway 57: operating normally. Mostly clear sky, no rain; average visibility> 15 km. Temperature: -2º to + 4º.

Closed roads in the Metropolitan Area

As Miguel Perales explained, in the Monterrey Metropolitan Area, various bridges are impassable due to the formation of ice in the asphalt layer. For this reason, they have applied sacks of salt throughout the morning in some of these points.

The areas where freezing has been detected are: Gonzalitos and Avenida Paseo de los Leones; Gustavo Díaz Ordaz and Corregidora; Avenida Manuel L. Barragán, at the height of Almazán; Lions and Elite Summits; Leones and Pedro Infante; Lions and Walk of the Discoverers; Félix U Gómez, between Constitución and Morones Prieto, Eugenio Garza Sada and Sendero Sur.

“And surely some other bridges in Monterrey are going to have this same problem, we ask them to be alert to the information we are giving from the official networks,” added Perales.

The Monterrey government asked the population to avoid the affected areas and take alternate routes.

“If you drive east, preferably follow Avenues such as Lincoln, Ruiz Cortines, Leones and Madero. The road of the Peripheral Ring from South to North is also closed ”, he published on Twitter.

In addition, he reported that some traffic lights do not work in the center of Monterrey, such as those located in the avenues of Juárez and Cuauhtémoc. For its part, the city’s Department of Public Safety and Roads reported that the counterflow lane on Avenida Paseo de los Leones from west to east will remain cut off due to slippery pavement conditions.

Blackout and Metrorrey

Through a statement on Twitter, Cenace , an independent operator of the National Electric System, explained the reason for the blackout that occurred at 7:48 in the morning, and is affecting much of the north of the country.

“Due to a high flow of electrical energy between the southern and northern regions of the country, caused by the exits of generation power plants due to the lack of natural gas and the loss of some elements of the National Transmission Network, at 07:48 an imbalance between load and generation occurred in the north and northeast of the country, affecting approximately 6,950 MW of load . Therefore, @CenaceMexico is implementing the restoration, “he reported.

So far, around 30% of the cargo has been recovered in northern Mexico , but Cenace asked the population of the states of Chihuahua, Coahuila, Durango, Nuevo León, Sinaloa, Sonora and Tamaulipas for their support in reducing of the use and consumption of non-priority electrical energy.

This failure in supply caused the interruption of Metrorrey’s service.

“Given the lack of electricity in various parts of the metropolitan area, Metrorrey has been affected and has been forced to close the stations. Coordination is being made with CFE to see the service restored as soon as possible. Once the return of electric power is resolved, the security protocols for the present scenario will be run, checking units, stations and equipment, ”the state executive reported through Twitter.

Despite the incidents, the problem was resolved quickly, and at 11:15 in the morning, Metrorrey reported that the service of lines 1 and 2 has already been completely restored, with the exception of the Talleres station, which will remain closed .

Weather forecast

According to the SMN report, in the next few hours the snowfall will continue in areas of Coahuila, Nuevo León and Tamaulipas. Specifically, in Nuevo León, the minimums will range between -10 and -5ºC, but the thermal sensation could be much lower.

In Monterrey and the metropolitan area, temperatures will be freezing in the morning, around -5ºC. In the afternoon they will recover slightly, rising to 5ºC, to fall again on Monday night, -1ºC.

Due to weather forecasts, the following State DIF shelters remain open:

– El Refugio: 5th Zone No. 330, Col. Caracol, Monterrey, Nuevo León. Telephone: (81)

– Posada Hospital General de Linares: Avenida Álamo s./n. almost corner with Venustiano Carranza, Col. Provileon, Linares, Nuevo León. Telephone: 821.21.26.165.

– Posada Hospital Universitario: Lagos 407 Cross with Padua, Fraccionamiento Gonzalitos, Monterrey, Nuevo León. Telephone: (81) 31.32.32, ext. 50709 / (81)

– Posada Regional Maternal and Child Hospital: Aldama 460, Colonia San Rafael, Guadalupe Nuevo León. Telephone (81) ext. (50709) / (81)

– Posada Hospital General de Galeana: Hidalgo y Constitución S / N Col. January 29, Galeana Nuevo León.

In addition, the Monterrey government opened a shelter in Parque Canoas . From Civil Protection they activated Operation Carousel to help people living on the street.

Emergency numbers

If you have any emergency during this cold wave, you can call 911, or also the Civil Protection phone in Monterrey: (81).; or to Civil Protection Nuevo León: (81) 8343 1116.

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