• The capital authorities arrested four members of the criminal organization, one of whom is identified as the operator of the CJNG in various states.

The Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) continues to expand, managing to have a presence in almost all the states of Mexico, which is evident in crimes and arrests, as occurred in Mexico City with the arrest of four people and the securing of more 300 kilograms of cocaine.

According to what was reported by Omar García Harfuch, secretary of Citizen Security of Mexico City, for seven months investigative work was carried out in the country’s capital, which consisted of surveillance and monitoring actions of people related to a criminal organization. .

This is how it was possible to identify several properties apparently used for the storage of money and drugs that could possibly be taken to various states of the country, as well as to the United States and Australia.

After these findings, joint tasks were carried out with the National Intelligence Center (CNI), members of the Citizen Security Secretariat (SSC) and personnel from the Attorney General’s Office (FGJ), leading to the arrest of four people possibly related to drug transfer for the CJNG.

A Control Judge released a search warrant for one of the homes, where 315 packages of cocaine, 24 kilos of marijuana, $28,000, a long gun, 10 telephone sets and four vehicles were seized.

In addition, the arrest of three men was achieved, one of whom was injured after trying to flee from the authority and jump from the top of the building, for which he was transferred to hospital custody.

A second action culminated in the arrest of another person of Guatemalan nationality, who was seized 93 packages of cocaine, 10 useful cartridges, a vehicle, two telephone sets and cash. The third action led to the seizure of a vehicle that was hiding 30 packages of cocaine that were inside compartments.

It transpired that one of the detainees is Cristhian Josué Rivera Tellez, alias “El Cris” or “El Jalisquillo”, identified as the operator of a CJNG cell dedicated to the transfer of drugs from the south of the country to various states.

The subject operated mainly in Guadalajara, Jalisco; Tijuana, Baja California and Mexico City, in addition to Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Denver, Virginia and Washington DC, in the United States. He is also considered possibly responsible for storing, selling and distributing large quantities of drugs from Colombia, to various groups and/or criminal cells in Mexico City.

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