Charlotte Pietrini presents her new Jewelry Campaign

Charlotte Pietrini presents her new Jewelry Campaign “Jewelry for everyone”

Stone Bird has grown over time, at first it was only sold through social networks and bazaars, today there is already an online store where accessories arrive at your door with a click and also a physical store in Parque Duraznos.

But today, Charlotte has decided to revolutionize her brand, creating an inclusion campaign called “Jewerly for Everyone”, in which EVERY woman, regardless of anything, can demonstrate internal and external beauty through jewelry.

A few months ago, a friend of the creator told her “I would love to see a model of my size with the jeans that I want to buy, so I would not doubt it”, was a phrase that stuck with Pietrini, so who decided to give her e-commerce and social networks a twist and show that all women can look the same in any piece, making the sale and modeling much more real.

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