Chaos in disarming Orizaba police;  two were arrested on drug trafficking charges

Chaos in disarming Orizaba police; two were arrested on drug trafficking charges

The officers will be sent to Xalapa for trust evaluations but they resist because their accreditation is still in force (Photo: SSP-Veracruz)

After they were three policemen murdered in Orizaba, Veracruz, the state corporation assumed command of municipal Security and the local agents were replaced, what’s more, two of the latter were under arrest for drug trafficking.

In an operation that lasted all day this Saturday, February 13, the state police and the Civil Force group, as well as elements of the Army and National Guard, They besieged the headquarters, reviewed Orizaba’s agents and inspected their weapons of charge to rule out that they had been used in commission of crimes.

But around 4:00 p.m. the Ministry of Public Security informed that it would assume control of the demarcation indefinitely. While rifles and pistols were handed over to federal forces to verify that they comply with the collective license to carry firearms.

At the same time, two municipal officers were arrested for alleged crimes against health, that is, drug trafficking, as well as for alleged grievances to the authorities. Other local sources indicated that at least seven police officers and the director would be investigated by probable links to crime.

Three policemen were executed by alleged CJNG hitmen (Photo: Special)

Three policemen were executed by alleged CJNG hitman (Photo: Special)

“During the tour of the Calle Oriente 31 of the CROM neighborhood, [fueron arrestados] active officers Juan ‘N’ and Juan Carlos ‘N’, for alleged crimes against health and outrages to authority; respecting their human rights at all times, they were at the disposal of the Comprehensive Unit for the Procurement of Justice of the State Attorney General’s Office ”, detailed the Veracruz department.

Only last Thursday four state policemen were attacked in broad daylight, in the center of Orizaba. The bodies of two uniformed lifeless, two others were injured and one of them died in hospital.

The elements They were on the outskirts of the Forensic Medical Service where, presumably, they were guarding the remains of probable criminals killed the day before. In retaliation already form ambush, accomplices of these subjects carried out the attack against the security forces.

Unofficial reports indicated that they were operators of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, who acted in revenge. But the authorities have not given further details about this mobile.

The operation began between 11:00 a.m. and had lasted until 6:00 p.m. this Saturday (Photo: SSP-Veracruz)

The operation began between 11:00 a.m. and had lasted until 6:00 p.m. this Saturday (Photo: SSP-Veracruz)

However, the actions of this Saturday in Orizaba they escalated to moments full of tension and discomfort. According to local media, the operation included at least 20 vehicles. The policemen locked themselves in the Municipal Palace, their relatives protested with banners and the commander as the secretary of the local government, they just did not come even though they were required, for what is presumed they are hidden.

They arrive at the police station without a job and want to take us to El Lencero to take a confidence control exam, knowing that this police is evaluated there in Xalapa, like every two years. That is why we are a reliable police (…), all of us here are creditable policemen“Commented one of the agents entrenched in the local executive’s facilities.

Other versions highlighted that it was a group of between 60 and 80 police officers who locked themselves up to avoid appearing before state agents, who requested that the weapons be surrendered, but they commented that They would only give them to elements of the Ministry of National Defense, before a factor of distrust between corporations.

Veracruz media highlighted that even some municipal policemen escaped and abandoned their patrols. While those sheltered in the command they accused that state agents took video surveillance cameras and other equipment; although they eventually returned the material. After four hours in solitary confinement Their cell phones were returned to them to confirm that they were in good condition and that they would be transferred to Xalapa for confidence control tests.

Two policemen died outside the Semefo de Orizaba and another in the hospital (Photo: SSP-Veracruz)

Two policemen died outside the Semefo de Orizaba and another in the hospital (Photo: SSP-Veracruz) 

As the hours go by These agents finally gave their rifles to the members of the Army and, together, the 350 uniformed men remained guarded in the Municipal Palace. They have demanded the removal of the Director of Government, Erick morales reyes, who did not appear throughout the day.

It should be noted that the municipal president himself, Igor Rojí López, indicated to the media that he was not aware of the operation and until 11:00 hours they did not allow him to access information about these events. In the afternoon he signed the agreement to requisition the weapons. However, he was concerned that they would leave him with limited federal security, since it has been requested that all officers go to Xalapa for trust assessments. Some argue that their accreditation is current and ask that the two arrested be released.

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