Cepillín was hospitalized in an emergency at Naucalpan hospital

Cepillín was hospitalized in an emergency at Naucalpan hospital

During the last hours of last Saturday, it was announced that Ricardo González Gutiérrez, who is known for giving life to the character of Cepillín, had to be transferred to the emergency area of ​​the Corporate Hospital Satélite, located in Naucalpan, State of Mexico.

With a mask, mask and concern, your child Ricardo González, reported through his Instagram stories on the state of health in which his father is currently, however, he did not explain the reason why the celebrity had become ill.

“We arrived here at the Satellite Hospital Corporate, we are in the emergency room, we have just brought my father here to the hospital, we ask God that it is not something so serious,” he expressed on his account @cepillinTV.

It should be remembered that just in July 2020, the child comedian mentioned in an interview with Yordi Rosado that he was ready to retire from the environment of the shows and added his desire to be remembered, so he was planning to do one last tour.

Cepillín announced his retirement last year (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Cepillín announced his retirement last year (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Yordi reminded him that he had a very famous television program and overnight it went off the air. When asked what happened, Cepillín told him: “The most difficult thing is to have an answer to tell people why you are not on TVI’ve never had an answer because I didn’t even know. “

And about how he would like to be remembered he commented: “As people want, but they will remember me as a loyal, right-working person.”

Likewise, during this interview on the show The last one and we leave, Cepillín mentioned that he wanted to retire before old age came completely to him and his body or memory no longer functioned as before.

“I don’t want it to happen to me that my legs disobey me, that Alzheimer’s … I don’t want that to happen to me.”


Throughout 2020, Cepillín was involved in several public disputes, one of the most relevant was when the comedian remembered the time he met actress Danna Paola and she fled from him, because she was afraid of clowns.

The clown did not have the best words for Danna Paola (IG: membersalairetv / dannapaola)

The clown did not have the best words for Danna Paola (IG: membersalairetv / dannapaola)

“There are people like Danna Paola who says ‘I have a phobia of clowns’, because she’s a poor moron, respectfully. One day she told me ‘oh no, I’m afraid of you’, poor thing. Someone that I know have such a phobia is called Danna Paola,” he commented to the program Chismorreo of Multimedia back then.

“When I met her that she was going from ‘Patito’ there in Monterrey, in the Fundidora that’s what she told me Oh, I’m afraid of clowns, go over there,” he assured before finishing off against another insult for the also actress, because although he did not say it aloud it was understood that he referred to her as poor a-hole”.

After this and Cepillín declaring that he did not know anything about the work that Danna did. The clown criticized the singer for her participation in the program La Academia de TV Azteca and safe: “Now it is believed more, it stayed in the cloud.”

Following these comments, the driver Eduardo Videgaray, Sofía Rivera and Veronica Toussaint made fun of him on the program Does matters!

But the clown was not silent and replied: “I have never seen on television that they were so rude, because they are not just irreverent, they already fall into the rudeness of telling me about their mother and saying as soon as I find you, I’m going to leave you.”

In this sense, his son Ricardo González, came to the defense of his father and threatened to physically confront them if they continued to criticize Cepillín.

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