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18 Bags with Human remains found in Jalisco, Mexico

In Mexico, the discovery of 18 bags with human remains is being investigated in the western municipality of Zapopan, Jalisco.

The Attorney General’s Office of Jalisco reported this Thursday in a statement that several municipal police officers who were conducting a surveillance tour in the Del Bajío area first found a human limb, for which they notified the Public Ministry.

The search was extended to the undergrowth of a small ravine where they found, “in a preliminary way”, 18 black plastic bags tied with tape, inside which were human remains.

The Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences will determine exactly the number of bodies inside these bags. Investigators are looking for evidence and data to clarify the facts, Jalisco authorities reported.

It is not the only act of violence recorded this week in Zapopán. The Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office also reported this Thursday of the death of a woman who “at first glance shows firearm impacts on various parts of the body.”

On Monday, one person died and three were injured after an armed group entered a restaurant and a shooting broke out between two criminal groups, the agency reported. In addition, a diner would have been kidnapped.

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