Mexico’s richest man, Carlos Slim, has been in a hospital in the capital since the beginning of the week after he fell ill with COVID-19, his spokesman told Globe Live Media on Wednesday, who added that the 80-year-old businessman is in “very good” health.

On Monday, the magnate’s son, Carlos Slim Domit, reported that his father contracted the coronavirus, but that more than a week after presenting mild symptoms, his health was evolving favorably.

“He is hospitalized and is very well,” Arturo Elías told Reuters, revealing that, since then, Slim has remained at the state National Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition, located in southern Mexico City.

“He is there for monitoring with treatment,” he added.

Because of his age, Slim belongs to the population group most at risk of becoming seriously ill after contracting the coronavirus, which has left more than 152,000 dead throughout Mexico.

The fortune of Slim and his family, calculated at 59.9 billion dollars according to Forbes magazine, places him as the richest man in Mexico and the 21st in the world. His family controls América Móvil, the largest telecommunications provider in Latin America.

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