A Traffic accident in Santchou Cameroon kills at least 53 People

A Traffic accident in Santchou Cameroon kills at least 53 People

A serious traffic accident has killed at least 53 people in Cameroon this Wednesday. The event took place in the town of Santchou, Western region of Cameroon, specifically on the road that connects the cities of Douala (southwest) and Bafoussam.

In addition to the multiple deaths, some 40 people were injured in the accident, What happened this morning The governor of the region where it took place, Awa Fonka, reported that the accident was caused by the collision of a bus with a truck carrying fuel, which has caused a fire that has trapped the passengers.

About 70 people were traveling on the bus, as specified by the authorities, who have indicated that the fire will make it difficult to identify the corpses because the bodies of the victims have been charred.

Another serious accident in December

The tragedy that occurred this Wednesday is not the first of similar characteristics suffered by Cameroon. On December 27, another accident in the African country that involved two buses and a truck caused the death of about 40 people.

The poor condition of the roads and the abundance of poorly maintained vehicles have placed Cameroon among the countries with the most traffic incidents on the continent. As EFE collects, the Ministry of Transport of Cameroon reported that on average 1,200 people die each year on the country’s highways, this being the third cause of death among its population.

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