Memo Giardinelli

Argentina’s Ambassador to Italy, robert carlesasked the writer harshly Memo Giardinelli after insulting him on the phone for not allowing him to stay for free for nine nights at the diplomatic headquarters in the Esquiline Squarein Rome.

Although without naming him directly, the representative in the European country explained that the author of books such as “Why did they ban the circus?”, “The bicycle revolution”, “Heaven with hands” and ” How alone are the dead”, among other things, he had requested a room in the historic building in exchange for a lecture.

“Too bad that there are people who think they have the right to stay in an embassy, ​​because of their CV or because they have a public function and, even worse, who take offense and send insulting messages if they are informed that there are no rooms available (occupied by my own family),” Carlés said in a message he posted on his Twitter account.

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The diplomat remarked that he would “never give the name” of the person who made the request, but assured that he “The violence of his message struck” when he explained he couldn’t stay that long at the property in the heart of the Italian capital.

The Argentinian Embassy in Italy
The Argentinian Embassy in Italy

“He was so offended that he decided to cancel his participation in an activity for March 24, showing his real commitment. Besides, he didn’t ask to stay one night, but nine,” he added.

From what you could find out GlobeLiveMediathe conflict began when Carlés himself, after learning that Giardinelli was in Italy, invited him to give a lecture as part of the National Day of Remembrance for Truth and Justice events.

Previously, the ambassador managed to convince Amazon to give him the rights to the film “Argentina, 1985” to be able to screen it at the Casa Argentina cinema in Rome, during a special event which will take place on March 23, the day before 47 years have passed since the beginning of the last military dictatorship.

In fact, when he spoke with the Chaco writer to add him to the program, he was in the town of bolognawhere he had gone earlier this month to participate in the Youth Book Fair with his wife, Natalia Porta LopezDirector of the National Reading Plan.

The harsh message of Roberto Carlés
The harsh message of Roberto Carlés

Given this proposal, Giardinelli, who was already alone in Europe because his partner had returned to Buenos Aires, replied that he was ready to give the lecture if he guaranteed accommodation in Rome for that many nights.

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In the building of the Esquiline Square important personalities remained, such as the tango singer Patricia Malancathe famous designer MiguelRep and Mayo Founding Line’s Mothers of Plaza reference Taty Almeida.

The diplomatic headquarters, a palace with a traditional style facade, does not have rooms for guests, but only has two rooms that the ambassador on duty sometimes makes available to visitors, but which are part of the official residence. .

However, this Monday, Carlés called Giardinelli to explain to him that on this occasion he could not receive him because there was no place in the establishment and, for technical reasons, he could not receive him there. host for over two days, after which the writer began to insult him, as he later continued to do via WhatsApp messages.

It was not the first time that the novelist made a request for these characteristics: he had already asked him to stay in the building in Piazza dell’Esquilino for a while to make a stopover in Rome before leaving for Bologna to attend the event with his wife. .

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