Beatrice vs.  El Salvador: the attempt to force the legalization of abortion throughout Latin America

Beatrice vs. El Salvador: the attempt to force the legalization of abortion throughout Latin America

Public hearing of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (stock image – @CorteIDH)

Through lies and deceit, the aborted lobby uses a legal strategy that could force Latin American countries to allow abortion on their territory. This, in turn, would make it difficult to repeal laws in states that have already approved it or legalized it in certain circumstances, as in the case of Argentina.

On March 22 and 23, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR) will rule on Beatriz v. The Savior. This will be the first time that the Court will examine the issue and its judgments are binding on the States that are part of the OAS. For this reason, in the face of an unfavorable result, the pressure to approve abortion would fall on the countries that penalize it.

But,what really happened to Beatriz And what deceptions does the lobby use to promote its agenda?

Beatriz, a woman with lupus, became pregnant with her second daughter in 2013. A pregnancy sought and expected by the mother. A few weeks later, the baby was diagnosed with anencephaly. This disease did not prevent him from being conscious, from experiencing pain, and even the probability that he could live for months or years.

From then on, groups of abortionists approached Beatriz and manipulated her, telling her that she was going to die if she did not abort her daughter. That her baby was not going to be born alive and that she was in danger.

These groups, at the alleged request of Beatriz, requested authorization to abort before the Supreme Court of El Salvador, and they also requested precautionary measures before the IACHR. Actually, there is no evidence that Beatriz personally requested the abortion.

Based on several studies, the Institute of Forensic Medicine of El Salvador verified: “Mrs. Beatriz is clinically stable, which means that there is no imminent risk of death for today (… ) There is, at this time, no medical justification for suspending the pregnancy (…) There is no clinical evidence (…) of an imminent, actual or present life-threatening circumstance of Beatriz at risk … induction of labor would be a disproportionate measure.”

For this reason, the Supreme Court of El Salvador denied her access to abortion and requested medical follow-up to save both lives, both of the mother and her daughter.

The pregnancy continued and at week 26 the doctors performed a caesarean on Beatriz as it was the best for her health and that of her baby. Leilani, as her mother called her, she was born alive. She breathed, cried and stayed in Beatriz’s arms, receiving her love, for a few minutes. He died five hours later, due to his disability.

Beatriz continued under medical supervision and recovered well from her pregnancy. He moved on with his life and in an interview he said how much he wanted Leilani to be alive. He was visiting his daughter at the cemetery and bringing her flowers.

In 2017, Beatriz died following a motorcycle accident. Her death, contrary to what abortion groups claim, was not related to her second pregnancy, or her baby.

The abortion lobby continued to use the case as a banner to push its agenda across the region. The organizations that have continued to represent Beatriz before the Court are:

The Center for Justice and International Law (CEJIL): It is an organization dedicated to strategic litigation, that is to say that it uses and manipulates files to promote its agenda at the judicial level. It receives annual funding from the Open Society Foundation. He has promoted 25% of the cases that have reached the Inter-American Court since 2010. One of his former advisers, veronica gomezis now a member of the Inter-American Court which will rule on the Beatriz case

International Protective Accommodation Services (IPAS): They are responsible for selling gynecological instruments for abortion practices, such as vacuum cleaners. In turn, he specializes in training medical personnel for abortion procedures on the continent; even where the practice is prohibited. In its 2021 annual report, it was detailed that one of its objectives is to “promote the creation of and respect for regulatory frameworks on abortion”.

The Citizens’ Association for the Decriminalization of Abortion: this movement openly defends eugenic abortion, that is to say abortion in case of disability of the unborn child. They promote prenatal discrimination and support, for example, child abortion Down syndrome.

Feminist Collective for Local Development: This pro-abortion lobby promotes the practice in our region, mainly in El Salvador. This organization, which filed a petition in the Beatriz case, received $150,000 from the Ford Foundation in 2017 and a total of $135,000 from IPPF between 2014 and 2016.

These institutions, as well as other feminist organizations, use false discourse to mislead the population; tell lies like:

– “Beatriz’s life was in danger and she could have died if she had continued her pregnancy.” (Studies have shown this not to be true)

– “The fetus had no chance of living outside the uterus because of anencephaly.” (He was born alive and received his mother’s love.)

– “Beatriz didn’t want the product of her pregnancy, she wanted to abort it.” (Beatriz wanted to be a mother again. Even after Leilani died, she continued to visit her at the cemetery and wanted her to stay alive)

– “Beatriz died of complications from the abortion that was not performed.” (Beatriz lived for many more years and died in 2017 from a traffic accident. Her death was unrelated to Leilani’s pregnancy)

– “Abortion is an internationally recognized human right” (There is no human right that promotes death. What exists is the human right that protects life from conception and is characterized in Article 4 of the American Convention.

Abortion groups denied Beatriz the right to hope and condemned her to fear. They imposed his death and that of his daughter as a fatality. They denied the dignity of a girl for the mere fact of having a disability, saying it was “torture” for her mother to hold her in her arms and dry her first tears. They used Beatriz’s death to further promote their program. Let’s not be fooled. Stop abortion.

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