Melissa Paredes has been separated from ‘Préndete’.

The artistic life of Melissa Paredes It went through different stages. Ever since she became known for being forced to give up her crown of Miss Peruthe former model has been embroiled in more than one love life scandal.

She entered the world of television when she was called to participate in different reality TV contests; however, her life took a 360 degree turn when she got engaged and married rodrigue cuba. From that moment she was considered the star of different Peruvian soap operas.

Likewise, his talent for fiction made him GV Productions keep her in their sights, until in 2021 they decide to hire her to be part of the women’s shortlist “America Today”thus beginning her career as a presenter of television programs.

Unfortunately, your admission to “Show Queens” made him fall in love with Anthony Aranda, his dancer, while she was still married to Rodrigo Cuba. The images of this forbidden love eventually separated her from that magazine and later earned her public antipathy.

“America Today” was the program in which Melissa Paredes made his debut as a television host. She did it next Janet Barboza, Ethel Pozo, Edson Davila there Christian Dominguez. An ampay with Anthony Aranda caused the production of said space to pull her out to resolve her personal issues.

Although at first it was said that she was coming back, the ex-model was finally not called. According to his attorney at the time, Patricia Simons, GV Productions He withdrew it because sponsors requested it because it no longer corresponded to the profile sought by the magazine.

“She is in perfect suspension of work, she no longer receives any income and the (producer Armando Tafur) had indicated that she no longer corresponds to the profile and that thank God her contract ends in December, she no longer receives anything”, explained the lawyer.

Melissa Walls.  (Photo: GV Productions)
Melissa Walls. (Photo: GV Productions)

After the scandal in which he played, Melissa Paredes was called to be part of Latina, the space in which she would appear would be nothing less than “Women in the driving seat”direct competition from “America Today”.

On this show, the ex-model not only returned to give her defenses on the ampay with Anthony Arandabut confirmed that he had decided to start a romantic relationship with the dancer.

However, a controversial survey on Latina’s social media ended their dreams of continuing the program, as when they asked their followers if they wanted to continue seeing Melissa Paredes on the magazine, a resounding “NO” it’s imposed.

“Thank you to the program, to Latina and to all of Peru for welcoming me, for welcoming me to their home, for giving me one more chance… First of all, he wants to thank Peru for to have received at their house. again at my house this week, for having received so much love, believe me that I read all the messages that they send to me, I read them internally”, he declared in leaving the Latina space.

Melissa Paredes reappears in Women in Command.  (Photo: Latin)
Melissa Paredes reappears in Women in Command. (Photo: Latin)

bad news for Melissa Paredes They arrived again in 2023. After being announced as the new host of ‘Prendete’in January of this year, the administrators of Pan American Television They decided not to renew his contract so that he continues to be one of the figures of this chain.

“Although it is true that my contract ends on Friday March 10, it is true that it was going to be renewed, but it was decided not to. Your reasons will have and it is respected, I am extremely grateful to you for to have received me in such a beautiful way”, he declared on Wednesday March 8.

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